BELGRADE – Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS), at its premises on Wednesday formally marked the official start of the tourist campaign for 2014 named “Lifestyle Serbia”.


The presentation was attended by about 100 people, who were able to hear TOS director Gordana Plamenac, author of the promotion films – Boris Miljkovic, director of “ d.o.o.”, who invented the online campaign – Ivan Minic as well as one of the members of the creative team behind the campaign – Ana Marija Popovic.

In the opening speech Gordana Plamenac said that “it is not easy to promote Serbia. Serbia is a country with many obstacles, especially in the last 20 plus years”.


“New cultural classes, everything that makes them, online marketing and the spirit of youth is the theme for the next year. Last week in London we successfully launched all this and we believe that we have made a good start,” said Plamenac.

Plamenac stressed that photographs, for now, succedeeded “only to provoke, it’s not the first time and it’s natural”, referring to the current negative campaign in Serbian media and on social networks, which criticizes TOS for the quality of the photographs and, most of all, the website “Lifestyle Serbia”.

She recalled that the campaign “Soulfood Serbia” met with similar treatment, but that later the same campaign received a lot of recognintion in the world and in Serbia.

“Since Serbia is not a destination with sunshades and beaches, we (TOS) must always research and look for some new channels that will help us to create everything that we are not expected to, but that’s attractive. We really succeeded in it, or we are on the way to. Results show that we are really good,” said Gordana Plamenac.

Ivan Minic from “ d.o.o.” said that “It is very easy to watch this city [Belgrade] and this country as a depressing place. The attempt of new, young people to breathe some new colors will surely not go unpunished in our country but maybe in some cases it will cause a positive emotion.”


He also said that more than 130 people is behind the whole campaign, and believes that the project has a great potential.

Ana Marija Popovic, a member of the creative team, thanked everyone for the support and helping the campaign to “explode on the Internet” and said that she believes this is a consequence of the aesthetics shown by the creative team.


She also said that it is a success to already have more than 700 photographs on the Instagram with the hashtag #LifestyleSerbia and called everyone to join with their photographs.