During our short studio trip to Cacak municipality, we had the pleasure of talking to Sandra Vlatkovic, PR of the National Tourist Organization of Serbia [TOS].


We asked Ms Vlatkovic about results of the past Tourist Season in Serbia.

“The past summer season, in our opinion, and confirmed by statistical data, showed very good results. We had an increase of ten percent in the number of foreign tourists making both overnight stays and visits. More accurately, ten percent for visits and nine for overnight stays and there was also an increase in the inflow of foreign currency,” Vlatkovic said.

“All this compares the first eight months of this year with the same period in 2012, which are really good results that show that we are doing a really good job or that we are at least well on the way to presenting the best of Serbia both to domestic and foreign tourists. This year, we recorded for the first time an increase in the number of domestic tourists in Serbia,” she added.

Regarding the question of the 2014 tourist season and the impact of social networks on tourism in Serbia, Ms Vlatkovic said:

“TOS has a vision, that has shown to be good in the last couple of years. Every year a specific topic is the main topic in the promotion of the tourist potential of Serbia, so in 2012 it was gastronomy, in 2013 it was culture and historical-cultural heritage,” Vlatkovic said.

“In 2014 TOS will focus its offer on young people, because the number of young people who decide to come to Serbia is increasing, and there is no better way to get closer to them than via social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and all available social networks can be uses by TOS  to present everything young people can experience in Serbia,” Vlatkovic added.

“Whether it is an active vacation, fun, culture and history, events,- in any case, everything of interest to young people who can easily be presented through social networks. We are talking about photographs, and video materials that TOS has prepared for the next year’s campaign, Lifestyle Serbia,”the PR of TOS added.

Sandra Vlatkovic also said that TOS will present the Lifestyle Serbia campaign at the WTM Fair in London, one of the biggest tourism trade fairs in the world, which will be held at the beginning of November.


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