WASHINGTON – The United States are shocked and disappointed over the incidents in Croatia involving Ustasha salutes, Jonathan Moore, director of the Office of South-Central European Affairs at the U.S. Department of State told Tanjug.

Photo: AP
Photo: AP



After the World Cup qualifier against Iceland on November 19, a member of the Croatian football team Josip Simunic hailed the fans at the Zagreb Maksimir stadium with the salutation the Croatian fascists, Ustasha, used during the Second World War. Ustasha chants could also be heard at a football match in Split on Sunday.

Moore told Tanjug’s correspondent in Washington that it was particularly shocking to have such words uttered by a player on the field.

This person does not seem to be familiar with the history of his country, Moore noted.

He also touched on the hate speech of hooligans in matches played against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Balkan region, and insults related to Srebrenica.

The president and the prime minister of Croatia are dedicated to the democratic future of their country, which they demonstrated in their reaction to the issue of bilingual signs in Vukovar, Moore said.


  1. LEAVE IT TO REST ALREADY… remember serbian handball players after 2012 championship belgrade arena? THEY WERE JUMPING WITH THE FANS AND SINGING “SLOBODANE SLOBODANE SALJI NAM SALATE, BIT CE MESA BIT CE MESA KLACEMO HRVATE!” Looks like it’s you guys who can’t face your ugly history, which was only 20 years ago. I get it though, if you repeat something enough people will eventually start yo believe you. Father of the Serbian people, Dobrica Cosic, even admitted that Serbs should lie because they are good at it and it gets them what they want. I am not saying all of you are like that, but hey why not just generalize all of you into one category like you do to Croats? Never mind the fact that MORE Croats fought for resistance than for Ustasa. It just serves your purpose better to only talk about the Ustasa.

  2. @Mark
    Sorry, but you cannot deflect this. This is the Americans complaining, not the Serbs, who were victims of the Ustashe (who were honored by Simunic’s chanting and salutes). The Cosic quote is risible: Cosic only said that in a fictional book. It is made up! If you believe fiction and then quote it to back up your thesis, then you will believe that Harry Potter is real! Tell us how English author JK Rowlng writes 100% truth about magic. Also, Cosic is not the “Father of the Serbian People”, as you claim. I personally know no Serbs who subscribe to that idea about Cosic, either metaphorically or ironically. Why are you making things up? Jonathan Moore is complaining about Ustashe in the news article, so get over it.

  3. Were you trying to make a point here or justify what happened by citing other examples involving Serbians in an event that has no link to what is actually being reported? Any sports figure with influence should be thinking before they send any hate messages especially when they interact with a crowd that just wait for it. NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM!!!
    It is already challenging to prevent supporters to behave antisocially in sports arena or stadium but if the players are doing it too it is normal that they are sanctioned ( Again No matter where they are from)
    Furthermore i have doubt about Josip’s justification’s on that matter which was probably to avoid a bigger sanctions by the FIFA considering the World Cup is a few month away.

  4. I guess the US should stop singing their national anthem because the KKK use it regularly. If we are not ready to defend our homeland, what are we ready for?

    • Defend your homeland? from who? The only people attacking the HOMELAND were USTASHA planning and executing an attack on YUGOSLAVIA.

  5. All readers – don’t let others do the thinking for yourself. Research the facts. Just Google “Ustasha” or “Jasenovac” or visit [link] and educate yourself on what the ‘Independent State Of Croatia’ did in WW2; what their policies were towards Serbs and Jews; what the concentration camps were like. What they started in 1940 – 45 they finished in the 1990s but the world was uneducated to understand the wars and what the Orthodox Christians (Serbs) in Croatia and Bosnia were fighting for. To see Nazi salutes and chants again gaining strength in not only Croatia, but other countries, is alarming indeed.

    • Ustasha were not killing just Serbs and Jews,but Bosnians of catholic, orthodox and islamic religion too. They were fascists who wanted a ”cleansed” state, with only CROATS remaining there. Tchetniks on the SERB side, as Ustasha on CROATIAN side, are both national militant organisations of Croatia and Serbia. Both have been killing everyone who does not belong or does not accept their fascism policy. BOSNIANS were in the middle and no Serbs or Croats were ever attacked by them within Croatia or within Serbia. Why ? Because BOsnians can be catholic, orthodox, jews, or moslesm, they dont mind different relgions or ethinicity as Croats/Ustasha or Serbs/Tchetniks do !

      • This is the problem with those groups that wanted to break up Yugoslavia. There was never a Country called ‘Bosnia’ yet Eddie seems to argue that Bosnia can be multi-ethnic, with different religious groups (Serbs, Croats and Muslims). The same is being touted by the 90% majority Muslims in Kosovo now; and the 95% Catholic Croats in Croatia now. In reality, that only existed in one Country – Yugoslavia. To make the same argument now on a much ‘smaller Country’ scale is just a convenient argument for those Muslims that wanted their own majority Country whether in Bosnia, or in Kosovo. Recall that the Muslim Handzar Divisions in WW2 were aligned with Nazi Germany and the Ustasha. In both world wars, Albania and most Muslims sided with the German and Turkish powers. There was a Country with mixed religions and rights and made of various republics, not Countries. It was called Yugoslavia. As for Bosnia ? It should just separate into 3 smaller pieces and each be allowed to join whoever they want through elections. That is democracy, right ? Let the RSK join Serbia; and the Muslim Croat Federation can be independent. They would still be larger than either Kosovo or Montenegro !!


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