Orthodox church dedicated to the Beheading of St. John the Baptist in the village of Samodreza near Vucitrn, was desecrated and turned into a garbage dump. The altar of this Serbian shrine, built on the place where Prince Lazar received communion with the army before the Battle of Kosovo, Albanian children turned into a public toilet, writes “Kurir”.

Photo: Kurir
Photo: Kurir

All attempts to stop the desecration of the Orthodox church were unsuccessful because the Albanian population is against its renewal. The church was burned, vandalized and desecrated for the first time in 1999 after international forces arrived in Kosovo, writes the daily.

The roof of the church was destroyed, windows and the metal door on it broken, and over the apse a large hole was breached. The interior of the church is turned into a public garbage dump and a toilet in which people and the cattle relieve, writes “Kurir”. The wall around the church is destroyed. This Orthodox church is literally cluttered with garbage, according to the daily.

“The holy temple was destroyed back in 1999, and in recent years Albanian children keep throwing garbage in it. We tried several times to stop the further desecration through the international community and proposed placement of brass doors and windows, but the Albanian community opposes renewal,” said Bishop of Raska and Prizren Teodosije for “Telegraf”.


  1. Mohammedan savages. To think that these people continue to revere Gjergj Kastrioti (‘Skanderbeg’) as their national hero, who dedicated his life to fight the mohammedan turks from invading his formerly christian nation, then remain mohammedans although no turk obliges them anymore not to switch sides is simply mind-boggling. The turks and other mohammedan invaders have managed to implant their oriental fuzzy logic and savagery in parts of Europe.

  2. I’m English. I wish it were possible for me to apologise to the Serbian people on behalf of my country. It’s clear to me we picked the wrong side. It disgusts me that we bombed Serbia and helped Muslim terrorist. Not one act of terrorism by Serbia in revenge but both Bosnia and Kosovo set up Islamic terrorist training camps.croatia gave arms to the Ira it would be funny if it were not so serious. The propaganda from the uk press did it’s job but I hope in 20 years info will come out. I think in the future historians will look back and recognise it as a mistake.

    • I’m American. We killed more Christian Serbs than anyone else. The motivation was driven by political correctness whereby you can say or do anything you want to Christians — but Muslims? Tread softly around them because they’re victims of Jews or Christians or imperialists or capitalists or…etc. Liberals and democRats rush to their defense no matter how much evidence proves that Islam is inflicting death and destruction, worldwide.

      -http://www.nctc.gov/docs/2011_NCTC_Annua… FBI: In 2011 there were 12,533 terrorist deaths; 71% were caused by Muslims.

      -http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/wanted_terrorists 27 of the FBI’s 29 most wanted terrorists are Muslim.

      -wikipedia has a list of 144 terrorist organizations officially designated as terrorist by various Nations. 124 of them are motivated by religion – 75% of those are Muslim.

      -7/25/13 http:/www.hoover.org/publications/defin… Today Christians are suffering the greatest persecution in history, worse even than the famous attacks under ancient Roman emperors like Diocletian and Nero. In the top 50 countries persecuting Christians 42 have either a Muslim majority or large Muslim populations.

      -12/17/13 [link] Prince Charles warns that Christianity is disappearing from the Middle East, it’s birthplace, because of persecution by Muslims.

      -Bing/Google search “civil wars in the world” and determine who the combatants are: Muslims are involved in over 75%. They fight against all religions and cultures, worldwide. They fight in China, Russia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Israel, Pakistan, India, Indonesia-Ambon & Halmarhera, Côte d’Ivoire, Kashmir, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kurdistan, Kirghizia, Nigeria, Philippines, Somalia, Turkey, Chechnya, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, Uganda, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Mali, Chad, Libya, Bangladesh and East Timor.

      What a travesty that was, bombing the Christian Serbs. Outrageous. I too am ashamed for what America did.

    • Mate. The actions of both the British and American government will only come back to affect the local population in Britain and America. You guys took sides with Pakistan for the the past 5 decades when India was pleading to both about Pakistan being a terrorist hub.Both countries chose not to listen. You guys were so liberal with Pakistanis. Giving them visas and allowing them to flock to England. Look at whats happening now? Look at the town of Luton. Look at the grooming incident. Look at how many British woman have been victims of love jihad and being brainwashed into being fanatics. Yet, you still have people like Jemmima Khan speaking up for them against the drone operations. But I have to admit, what Britain and America did to Serbia is far worse than what they did to India. I have to blame it on your leftish government who normally share a unholy alliance with Islam.

  3. Still US, UK and EU still doing same shi!t. OIC got UN and play around the world. This is very big mistake for US, UK and EU but they still helping Muslim terrorist.

  4. It is not anything new that Muslims are desecrating churches. After all, they have destroyed 60 churches in Syria and 40 churches in Egypt recently–did you care about that? And what of Bethlehem in Palestine, surrounded by a prison wall? And let’s not forget the plan to make Hagia Sophia in Constantinople a mosque.

    I hope the world will awaken before it is too late and see that the hand behind this is always the same: the synagog of Satan as described in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, and the people described in the book of John 8:44. The real battle is between good and evil and Christians must repent and turn to God, not to the “world” for help.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us!

    • Very true. Funny how the world (particularly the left) tells us to be tolerant and respect Islam. But when Muslims go around desecrating churches. The left conveniently decides to be silent about it. In Pakistan which was once part of India, the Muslims have gone around desecrating temples that have existed way before Islam came to the Indian subcontinent. I read an article the other day that the Pakistani Military have been using one of the Hindu temples as a firing ground. How are we then suppose to be tolerant? The Hindu/Christian population was at 30 % when Pakistan got its sovereignty. Now it stands at 2%( I even caught one of the minsters chuckling away while admitting to this) Christian and Hindu girls are being forced converted to Islam everyday in Pakistan and I don’t see UN or any other human rights group tackling this issue.

  5. Albanians will get what they deserve as soon as USA turns back on them. We, Serbs, and Kosmet were for 500 years under the Turks but we are free now.

    Kosmet will be Serbian again!

    Kosmet means: Kosovo and Metohia. Metohia means Church land. Can you see why Albanians don’t want to use Metohia in the name, but only Kosovo?

    And, thank you guys for your apologies.

    • Mate, as long as Turkey remains in NATO. America will continue to bend over for Turkey. Even today, the Americans are too scared to raise the issue of Armenian genocide for fear of offending erdogan and the rest of the turks.

  6. I can only second Dave’s words. It was a horrible blunder by the West and NATO to help the Muslim occupiers of Southern Serbia and make possible the advancement of Islam in the Balkans. Desecrated churches, a Muslim specialty, is the logical reward for such foolishness.

  7. Double standards are the main issue today. It is OK for the USA to fight terrorism but not for Serbia. Kosovo’s separatism is OK but it is not OK for Texas. Albanians have their own country. They came on the Serbian soil assisting Turks and Nazis and became majority since. Will the USA give up the territory of California over to Mexico once that Mexicans become majority? I DOUBT THAT. All the politicians involved in this raping of truth, history, rights and justice were bribed by Albanian drug and prostitution money and assisted by massive PAID anti-Serbian media campaign!!!

    • It’s not only anti-Serbian, it’s anti-Christian and/or anti-Western Culture. These liberal, multicultural ba$%!#rds are taking all of us down with them.

      But there’s hope. For the first time in Islam’s history the masses are getting a glimpse of Islam’s true face, on the Internet, and they hate what they see.

      -In 1995 there were 16 million Internet users worldwide.
      -On 9/11 there were half a billion.
      -Today there are over 2.8 billion. 78% of Americans are Internet users. Only 4% of Middle Easterners were Internet users.

      11/21/08 Zogby poll: The web is the most trusted news medium in America — over TV and print combined.


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