Konrad Krajewski, an archbishop and trusted confidante of the Pope who is the Vatican “Almoner” or alms-giver hinted that Pope might be venturing out to help homeless and poor people.

Photo from: www.catholicworldreport.com
Photo from: www.catholicworldreport.com

Pope Francis encouraged Arcbishop Krajewski to roam the streets of Rome at night and offer help to people who need it the most.

“When I say to him ‘I’m going out into the city this evening’, there’s the constant risk that he will come with me,” Krajewski said. “That’s what he’s like – at the beginning (of his papacy) he didn’t think of the awkwardness that he might create.”As archbishop of Buenos Aires, when he was known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the future pontiff ” would go out at night . . . to find people, talk with them, or buy them something to eat. He would sit with them and eat with them on the street. This is what he wants from me,” the cardinal added.

“The Holy Father told me at the beginning: ‘You can sell your desk. You don’t need it. You need to get out of the Vatican. Don’t wait for people to come ringing. You need to go out and look for the poor’,” said Krajewski.


  1. Please! What a lot of empty hype!!! Even if the pope DID go out at night—which he certainly DOESN’T—what is the use of giving a few cents to the poor? What is the point of “breaking bread” with the poor? Is everyone so blind that they just fall for this stuff?

    • This is a PR move!!! Pure and simple!! Vatican needs to show they are doing good deeds at the highest level of the hierarchy to change people views about the Church especially after all the scandals with the the priests. Honestly having the pope giving out money or help random poor people is such an hypocrisy especially when this man of the Church lives in such luxury.


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