KRUSEVAC – Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic said on Friday Serbia’s prison system, comprising over 30 institutions, was approaching the standards of the EU.


Selakovic stated that during bilateral screening in Brussels, he attended a presentation on prevention of torture, respect for human rights and system of implementation of legal sanctions.

“Month after month, the prison system approaches the standards set by the EU,” he said, adding he could not say yet whether the standards had been fully reached.

It is being addressed, and the system has improved significantly in the past year, as seen from the example of the youth detention centre in Krusevac.

“Our government is searching for its political path through EU integration and has chosen it, and that is a path on which we will use every opportunity, especially during the negotiations, to bring every part of our society, including the prison system, to the European level,” he told reporters in Krusevac.

The minister visited the youth detention centre in Krusevac, where 8 new pavillions were constructed through a donation from the EU.