BELGRADE – At an extraordinary press conference, held by Serbian Radical Party (SRS) at the party’s headquarters in Zemun, Vice President of SRS Zoran Krasic published the latest information regarding the health status of party leader Vojislav Seselj, who has been in the custody of the ICTY since February 24 2003.


On December 19 Seselj underwent surgery in the Netherlands in which tumor in the colon was removed. During the surgery part of his colon was removed, and it was also determined that the lymph nodes in the region are enlarged, so they were also removed.

The results of analysis of removed lymph nodes came on Friday and Vojislav Seselj was informed that metastasis is diagnosed and that now process of treatment with chemotherapy follows, said Krasic.

“Chemotherapy should last 4 to 6 months, Seselj will be informed on Monday on the type of chemotherapy that will be applied,” said Krasic.


  1. The ICTY is not a legitimate tribunal; its entire purpose is the blood-libeling and judicial murder of the leaders of the Serbian people, so as to whitewash of the US/NATO/EU aggression against them. It is obvious that Mr. Seselj was not afforded proper medical care, including routine colonoscopies appropriate for someone his age, while in ICTY custody.

      • 1) Personal gain by opening up Serbia’s resources to foreign plundering
        2) Diversion of attention away from Clinton-era domestic scandals
        3) Pandering to Muslim oil-producing nations
        4) Hostility toward Orthodox Christianity
        5) Hostility toward Russia and any of its allies

      • Mainly a variant of #2 – that the various foreign wars the NATO countries have engaged in were to provide the modern equivalent of ancient Rome’s gladiatorial games (though much more bloody) to distract the common people.

        A bit of #5 – even after the cold war NATO could not safely bomb Russia so Yugoslavia was a proxy target.

        While there is something to #3 (the nation in question being the obscene Saudi feudalism) I think Germany’s hatred (both racial and because Serbia was on the other side in 2 wars) was the major factor influencing the EU/NATO.

  2. We know Milosevic was poisoned by the ICTY (probably British intelligence assassins), because after 4 1/2 years of “trial” they had produced no evidence against him. I would assume it is also possible to produce this sort of cancer deliberately, for the same reason.


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