On the centenary of the beginning of World War I, the first monument to Gavrilo Princip will be built in Belgrade. The landmark honoring the most famous member of Mlada Bosna will be revealed no later than June in Kalemegdan park. Identical monument to Princip will be built in East Sarajevo, RTS reported.

Photo: kurir-info.rs
Photo: kurir-info.rs

The initiative to build the monument came from the Government of Serbia as part of the celebration of centenary of the Sarajevo assassination and the beginning of the Great War. Serbia and Serbian people will in this way correct a kind of injustice to Princip, who has never got a monument.

According to “Novosti”, a grandiose monument is planned to be placed in Kalemegdan, and soon the exact location will be determined. The place for Princip’s monument will most probably be near the Monument of Gratitude to France.

The idea that Princip has place in the alleys of famous people over the confluence of the Sava and Danube supports also historian Mile Bjelajac and stresses that Serbia, the fatherland to Serbian people, should honor every Serb worth of history, regardless of his place of birth or life.

“Gavrilo Princip was a fighter for freedom and deserves a proper tribute,” says Bjelajac. “Raising a monument like this is not out of spite to Europe, which should, as “a cradle of old values”, understand motives of this act. Princip was convinced opponent of any occupation, and one can not negate the right to fight for freedom.

Although a number of schools and public institutions have been named by Gavrilo Princip for decades, the monument in Belgrade will the first in his honor. His act in the past was seen in the light of the controversy over Serbia’s role in the assassination, which was probably the reason why Princip did not get a memorial.

Historian Bojan Dimitrijevic warns and calls for caution because of possible abuses of this act by the new writers of the history.

Princip and Sarajevo assassins rest in a common grave in Sarajevo, near the settlement Kosevo, and a modest chapel is the only monument to young revolutionaries. This facility is called “The Tomb of Vidovdan Heroes” and preserves the remains of 11 members of Mlada Bosna.


  1. Bull*hit. Yet again another pathetic effort to disguise the Serbian past, celebrating a person who demonstrated the hate on a multi-cultural empire which is merely the predecessor of the current multi-cultural empire (the EU) that Serbia is longing to join now. Make up your mind Serbs whether you want to be all by yourselves, stewing in your own juice or decide to embrace the future.

  2. Every multi-ethnic nation has fallen at one point or another. Even peaceful Canada is on the way to breaking up. So Serbia has a duty to build up its monuments to those like Princip, this way its people will always know who they are and where they come from. Princip’s new honor will pave the way one day for Cica Draza to be raised up in Beograd. Only then Serbia will be truly free of its dictatorial communist past and will be able to take on the false hopes and empty promises of bankrupted western liberalism. Then nothing can stop Serbia and the Serbians from moving forward.

    • As a Canadian I can assure you the country is not on the way to breaking up.
      As World War I, who was right and who was wrong may not be crystal clear, but one thing for sure is that Princip was a demented terrorist and the catalyst for a conflict that resulted in millions of deaths. He does not deserve a monument.

    • Canada is breaking up? LOL

      Canada is the very model of how to deal with a separatist movement within it’s borders while Serbia is the very model of how not to.

  3. Gavrilo Princip (and the others in his group), I strongly feel, were used by Austrian intelligence to carry out the assassination of the disliked Archduke to start a war on Serbia.

    The Archduke actually RESISTED any war while others in Austrian leadership were wanting a war to destroy Serbia. Also the Archduke was seriously considering plans to bring Serbs into the Empire with rights like Hungarians and Austrians.
    The Archduke wasn’t even given protection despite that Austrians had plenty available – and even many Austrians who had pointed out the lack of protection and the danger were scoffed at.
    The fact that they chose a Serbian holy and revered day to dangle the Archduke around in an open car is telling of their style.
    Then they had to drive and stop the car right in from of Gavrilo and stayed stopped so the last of the bumbling poor-shots could finally accomplish the wanted deed.

    Gavrilo Princip and the others were failed students and mostly still teenagers. They thought they were patriotic – led to believe they were – but I believe ultimately at the top there was Austrian intelligence who wanted the unliked Archduke out of the way and a good excuse to war on Serbia.

    Austrian troops had been practicing military maneuvers on the border with Serbia during the time of the Archdukes visit. Military maneuvers are usually preparations for a war/invasion – especially since they were done on the border with Serbia. They were rehearsing their plans.

    So I don’t think he was a freedom fighter but instead a dupe and it was those in Austrian intelligence who ARRANGED the whole thing – from using the group, to the trip with no protection, to having to drive to the last assassin and allowing him to come up close (since that was the only way they could finally get the Archduke killed.)


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