On the centenary of the beginning of World War I, the first monument to Gavrilo Princip will be built in Belgrade. The landmark honoring the most famous member of Mlada Bosna will be revealed no later than June in Kalemegdan park. Identical monument to Princip will be built in East Sarajevo, RTS reported.

Photo: kurir-info.rs
Photo: kurir-info.rs

The initiative to build the monument came from the Government of Serbia as part of the celebration of centenary of the Sarajevo assassination and the beginning of the Great War. Serbia and Serbian people will in this way correct a kind of injustice to Princip, who has never got a monument.

According to “Novosti”, a grandiose monument is planned to be placed in Kalemegdan, and soon the exact location will be determined. The place for Princip’s monument will most probably be near the Monument of Gratitude to France.

The idea that Princip has place in the alleys of famous people over the confluence of the Sava and Danube supports also historian Mile Bjelajac and stresses that Serbia, the fatherland to Serbian people, should honor every Serb worth of history, regardless of his place of birth or life.

“Gavrilo Princip was a fighter for freedom and deserves a proper tribute,” says Bjelajac. “Raising a monument like this is not out of spite to Europe, which should, as “a cradle of old values”, understand motives of this act. Princip was convinced opponent of any occupation, and one can not negate the right to fight for freedom.

Although a number of schools and public institutions have been named by Gavrilo Princip for decades, the monument in Belgrade will the first in his honor. His act in the past was seen in the light of the controversy over Serbia’s role in the assassination, which was probably the reason why Princip did not get a memorial.

Historian Bojan Dimitrijevic warns and calls for caution because of possible abuses of this act by the new writers of the history.

Princip and Sarajevo assassins rest in a common grave in Sarajevo, near the settlement Kosevo, and a modest chapel is the only monument to young revolutionaries. This facility is called “The Tomb of Vidovdan Heroes” and preserves the remains of 11 members of Mlada Bosna.