There is a rumor that after the autopsy of Slobodan Milosevic’s body a certain drug, which causes numbness similar to death, was found. This, and many other clues, suggests that Milosevic is maybe alive.

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Undoubtedly, his death was more convenient than a long court process. However, the fact that no one has seen his dead body (except pathologists from Netherlands, Russia and Serbia), then a story that a drug was found in his in body that causes a state of total stupor, some kind of deep sleep, similar to death , and the knowledge that no one ever did nor wanted to exhume his body so the number of conspiracy theories would be denied, opens the door to doubt that Milosevic is maybe still alive.

According to ”Kurir”, after the news of Milosevic’s death, top international officials, and officials of the Hague Tribunal, very indifferently reacted to this fact. Realistically, such an outcome suited many, except for Serbia, since many global centers of power  have been involved in the bloody conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Clearly, all of that was enough for the story of how Milosevic’s death in custody in The Hague was actually staged.

The official coroner’s finding was never officially released, and it is an amazing fact that the names and addresses of pathologists from MMA (Colonel Ilic and Milosavljevic) do not exist in any address book in Serbia. Four months before the sudden death, Milosevic was examined in The Hague by the medical team of three specialists – cardiologist from France, a specialist in blood vessels from Russia and a throat specialist from Belgrade, who was a witness at the trial of Milosevic’s defense, ”Kurir” writes.

They suggested that Milosevic wanted to go to Russia to be examined at the well-known specialist institute ”Bakulev”, but the Trial Chamber refused. A few days later, Milosevic reportedly died, and is it indicative that the Borislav Milosevic, Slobodan’s brother, a few days after his brother’s death, went to Moscow to the Institute ”Bakulev”.

According to the daily, Dutch prison doctor, two weeks before Serbian ex-president died, found in Milosevic’s blood traces of certain drug, which reduces the effect of high blood pressure drugs that Milosevic used. The second toxicological opinion of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, at the University of Bonn, has revealed the presence of another drug, ” droperidol”, which, as explained by pharmacists, belongs to the group of anti-psychotics, which can lead the human body to a state of total stupor, some kind of deep sleep, almost like death.

In addition, prison cameras (official interpretation) were shut down at the time of Milosevic’s death. Also, former Prosecutor Carla del Ponte stated at the press conference that on the night Milosevic died there were no regular checks on every half an hour.

As Milosevic was buried in a rather unusual place, in Pozarevac, no one has seen his dead body which was laid in the grave and no one from his family and closest associates does not come to visit the grave, it is not impossible that Milosevic and his entire family (wife, daughter, son and brother) live happily in Russia, the daily concludes.