BELGRADE – Customs officials have yesterday seized cocaine in liquid form, which arrived in Belgrade by mail from Peru and was hidden in 126 plastic balls covered with sesame and camouflaged in the dried fruit, said the Customs Directorate in a statement.

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Details regarding the quantity and purity of the detected drug will be known after a thorough expertise.

The package was sent to a citizen of Serbia and according to supporting documents, it was supposed to contain nearly five kilograms of dried fruit.

“Since, however, the shipment has arrived from high-risk country for drug trafficking, it was singled out for detailed control. Customs officers found, during a detailed inspection, that together with dried fruit, which was packed in factory sealed bags, were also odorless balls rolled in sesame,” says the statement.

The balls, due to its abnormal shape, which is not characteristic for any fruit, caused further suspicion of customs officials who opened the package and found that they were extremely hard to the touch.

“The moment officers scratched the surfaced, the sesame has fallen and plastic containers appeared beneath, looking like golf balls filled with liquid content that was tested for drugs. The test showed a positive result for the narcotic drug cocaine,” says the statement.