Protest to Vatican over intent to declare Alojzije Stepinac saint

ZAGREB – Alen Budaj, an associate of the Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, has said that the countries that are legal successors to the former Yugoslavia, Serbia in particular, must send a strong diplomatic protest to the Vatican over its intention declare Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac a saint.


The Vatican has officially confirmed that Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac will soon be declared a saint.

Immediately upon the entering of the Germans in Zagreb, on April 10, 1941, Stepinac supported the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia (ISC), which was declared a state by the Ustasha (Croatian fascist movement), and in 1945, he fought for the preservation of the regime headed by Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic.

Budaj believes that a protest against sanctifying Stepinac, who took part in the creation and implementation of NDH ideas during World War II, needs to be made even at the cost of breaking off diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

“I hope that the Serbian Orthodox Church will react, since this particular decision made by the Vatican is also undermining the ecumenical relations between the two churches,” Budaj said, stressing that Israel and many Jewish institutions in the territory of the former Yugoslavia should react to this strongly and immediately.

It is not at all surprising that the new Pope Francis is proclaiming Stepinac a saint, as that road was mapped by the Catholic Church in Croatia immediately after the verdict against Stepinac had been delivered, said Budaj, who is also director of the Margel Institute, a Jewish NGO in Zagreb.

On October 11, 1946, Stepinac was found guilty of high treason and war crimes – for his relations with the Croatian Ustasha and collaboration with the occupation forces – and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

In 1951, he was transferred to his native village of Krasic, where he spent the remainder of his life confined to his home parish until his death on February 10, 1960. As a sign of support, the Vatican awarded Stepinac the title of cardinal in 1952.

Budaj pointed out that already during his trial, the West and the Catholic world considered Stepinac to be a martyr and innocent victim of Communist persecution, that Stepinac has been made a cardinal while alive and beatified after death, and is now to be declared a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

He would be the only saint to receive a high distinction from the Ustasha headman, and that while being the Archbishop of Zagreb, for a merit he earned as a helper of a fascist, criminal regime, Budaj said, adding that a report about it appeared in Narodne Novine, the official mouthpiece of the NDH.

“While Monsignor Svetozar Ritig, prebendary of the Zagreb Chapter (Kaptol), saw in Pavelic an evil in the making as early as in 1929, Stepinac wholeheartedly greeted and served Pavelic. Ritig has no street (named after him) in Zagreb, as he was an anti-fascist, while Stepinac has all the honors as a clerical fascist,” said Budaj.

Budaj said it is no big wonder that Stepinac will be canonized, as the Vatican was recognized as a state by fascist Benito Mussolini’s Lateran Treaty in 1929.

“I do not want to hear about Stepinac’s great merit in ‘saving’ Jews, because he was all the while drawing up in the official Catholic press Pavelic’s racial provisions by which the Jews were taken to concentration camps.

I do not want to hear about his efforts to save certain Serbs, because he was on the Committee of Three in charge of conversions to Catholicism and I do not want to hear about his being a martyr and saint because he left his own Catholic priests to be tortured by the Ustasha in Jasenovac (Ustasha concentration camp) just because they were under suspicion of being opponents of the regime,” Budaj said.

He pointed out that Stepinac never regretted over violent conversion of Serbs into Catholicism or over Jews being forcibly taken to be baptized, even though he knew it would not save them from being taken to the camp.

“He never repented his Catholic ‘baptized souls’ burning Jewish and Serbian churches, plundering around as wild hordes, raping and killing as crusader armies once did across the Holy Land,” Budaj said in an interview for SRNA news agency that was published in Banja Luka-based Nezavisne Novine.

He added that Stepinac knew about it all, but nevertheless bestowed blessings on the NDH and served it, even after its collapse, hiding Ustasha criminals, stolen Jewish gold and Ustasha state archive in the Zagreb Kaptol.

“To me, as a free man, Stepinac will never be a saint, as I am not bound by decisions of the Pope, nor have I lost my mind to believe in that fraudulent alchemy of miraculous transformation of a criminal into a saint,” said Budaj.


  1. How absolutely foolish of an article. The allegations against Stepinac are just a further smear campaign, akin to the one against Pius XII. Just keep spinning the stories and some people will surely believe them. Nice journalism.

    • Foolish article indeed! Stepinac steered the genocide (and butchery)of several nations (and races) in the present-day ‘Croatia’ during the WWII, and it is absolutely HORRIFYING that the catholic church is proposing to elevate him into a human,let alone a saint. DISGUSTING!!!

  2. “Catholic” “Cardinal” Alojzije Stepinac was convicted as a war criminal by the Yugoslav government. At the very least, he did NOTHING to prevent or speak out against the unprecedented slaughter of Serbian Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Gypsies and forced conversions of over 250,000 Serbian Orthodox Christians to Catholicism in the Nazi-puppet “independent” state of Croatia during WWII and thus is not meritorious of “Sainthood.” no matter what immature propaganda emanates from croatia and the Vatican. Any decision to canonize Stepinac will forever drive a wedge between Orthodox Christians and Catholics. It also demonstrates how far the Vatican has fallen away from true Christianity. as Cain slew Abel yet again in the NDH. I call upon the Vatican to apologize for the genocide of Serbian Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Gypsies and to compensate the million victims. It’s time for the Catholic Church to face up to and atone for its sins of the past – particularly those committed by the Croatian Catholic Church and the well-documented “ratlines” established by the Vatican to enable war criminals such as “Dr.” Ante Pavelic (Croatia’s “Fuhrer”) to escape justice. God is watching all of us. His judgement will be supreme.

  3. Dr Pravica:

    The Cardinal was convicted as a war criminal by the COMMUNIST Yugoslav government, as you well know, and no amount of Jewish agitation designed to create a bigger wedge between the Orthodox and the Catholics can change that fact.

    As far as your impudent contention that the Church has committed sins or crimes, allow me to say this: the Catholic Church does not sin; its’ members can and do commit sins, but the Church, founded by Christ while He lived on earth, cannot sin. Any evils done by individual Catholics or individual Orthodox are their own personal matters, and their transgressions against the Faith are not to be construed as Catholic Church support of their personal sins.

    Finally, as to who should be apologizing to whom, it is those guilty Jews who should be apologizing to Catholics and Orthodox alike. The same Jewish mentality that terrorizes and subjugates the historical inhabitants of Palestine, is the same that permeates the filth and sewage that comes out of Jewish Hollywood and the Jewish-owned media.

    While I hold the Fascists and the Communists in equal contempt I also hold in contempt those people who have been attacking Christianity incessantly for the last 2,000 years.

    • > the Church, founded by Christ while He lived on earth

      A claim made by people who were engaged in a protection racket that gave Kings the right to be butchers and to make their sons into kings after them. The idea that the Church was founded by Christ is not even taught in seminary (it was a human invention).

      It is well established with writings from the third century tht teh first steps toward the eixtence of the Catholic CHurch were taken by Constentine, who only wanted the Christians to stop fighting in the streets over the interpretation of a single world. He brought their leaders together in Nicea to get them to settle on a common theology. He wasn’t even a christian, and as Cesar he made religious freedom and equality the law of the land.

      There were MANY very different christian theologies at that time. None of them resemble modern theology. The majority of Christians had many different theologies and NONE of them matched the one created in the Nicean congresses.

      In the 3rd century, Christians (even the bishops) often did not beleive in these things : the trinity (it was a two person godhead of the irst Nicean congress), the godhood of Christ, the virgin birth, the immaculate Mary, the risen lord, the existence of hell (a Greek concept), the existence of Satan (a ‘satan’ was a person in Judaism who debated the other point of view against you).

      The Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic (universal) Church were founded very slowly; AFTER the revived Roman Empire (revived by Constantine the Great – a life long pagan) had finally briefly stabilized Rome under his rule (and that of his under-Cesars). After the death of Constantine, his sons ruled – this was the first time that a ruler of Rome had made his children into the rulers after him. After they died, the empire again changed even more and several emperors later, Christianity was made the official religion of the Roman Empire.

      However even THEN it was not yet the “Holy Roman Empire” and the Catholic Church we know of now STILL did not exist, and was not yet called that. We need to stop accepting the things we are told by those with reason to want to rule us, and be more intelligent. The cardinals and bishops of today no longer tell this tale in order to force people to grovel at the feet of the kings who were willing to send taxes to them.

  4. What a poorly written article! General Mihailovic was convicted by the same communist court and yet his exoneration is deemed okay but not Stepinac’s! Stepinac spoke out IN PUBLIC against the poor treatment of NDH authorities regarding Serbs and Jews. And there are many Jewish citizens and former Jewish citizens of Croatia who have spoken out in favour of honouring Stepinac for what he did. Dare I say there are Serbs who also spoke out in favour of Stepinac when he was unjustly convicted – just as there was overwhelming support for Stepinac in the free world when he was arrested, tried and convicted all within a 30 day period in a kangaroo court, from Churchill and others!

  5. As always, there will always be blamed Serbs, because foreigners see us Serbs as always in a bad context, and always to blame for everything (we are killing ourselves, made by children soaps, made ​​to a third change of faith, the other is expelled and the third killed) , they can free canonize monster as a saint :(

    • I do not see the Serbs in a bad context Sasa. They suffered more than anyone in the 20 th century and they are a wonderful people. They may have committed some crimes but far less than the Croats, for example. They belong to the Orthodox church which is the true church, not the schismatic Church of Rome.

  6. We don’t have to go that far since it is impossible to our Western friends to prove that Stepinac was supporting genocide. We just have to look few years back and see that Catholic Church still supports Croatia’s hate toward Serbs. It openly supported and Marko Perković “Thompson” and accepted his visit in Vatican. “Thomson” who expressed many incendiary and hateful remarks towards Serbs and other ethnic groups, coupled with his support for Ustaše movements.

  7. Before you get all high and mighty, remember that Belgrade was the first city in Europe to hang banners proclaiming itself “Juden frei” – “Free of Jews,”

    • German Nazis committed the Holocaust that resulted in Belgrade being the first “Juden Frei” city in Europe. Serbs were murdered along with Jews. Vatican rat lines provided Croatian Nazi Ustasha an escape route from justice.

      It’s no coincidence that Germany was also one the first states to recognise Croatian independence in 1991.

      Crush it now. Never again.

  8. So now German Nazis cleansing all Jews from a city is considered a rationalization?

    The city of Bydgoszcz, Poland was officially Juden Frei 2 years before Belgrade. Are you going to blame the Nazi-occupied Poles for that? Before you do, you should know that most of them were massacred by the Germans.

    There’s a difference between being bombed into submission, brutalized, terrorized and occupied (Belgrade) and welcoming Nazis with cheers and flowers, and willingly adopting a state policy of massacre and forceful conversion (Croatia). One would think the difference is obvious, but apparently not.

    Croatian attempts to manipulate the ignorance of the world and mainstream their Nazi past will fail. Both Jews and Serbs have long memories.

    Your Nazi Bishop, Stepinac, stood by as hundreds of thousands were slaughtered or forcibly converted. Croatian and Vatican attempts to canonize this abomination to Christianity are simply a way of controlling the future narrative.

    The alternative is to take a long hard look at your past, accept responsibility for the atrocities that were committed in the name of your State and religion, apologize profusely and sincerely, and make amends. Germany has already done this, while Croatia still festers in the bile of its past.

    Never again.