Radio Television of Serbia on Saturday released the footage of the rescue of snowed in passengers at Feketić, on which can be seen Aleksandar Vucic participating in the rescue.


At one point, Vucic took a child into his arms and carried him to one of the rescuers, who then brought the child into the helicopter.

Because of this video people on social networks started circulating different photo and video manipulations showing the First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who helped in the evacuation, as a politician who is collecting points for the forthcoming elections. However, soon some of these images and videos have disappeared from the Internet, and Vucic was accused of influence on their removal, which he denied on Twitter and on Facebook.

“I saw that on yesterday’s video showing saving people from snowed in columns, on the road at Feketić, a playful note was added, and I’m very glad that the video laughed Serbia, although I think it is not good when, even if in order to make a joke, kids are called inappropriate names. Also, they told me that apparently I had something to do with some kind of censorship of this video, which is a complete nonsense,” Aleksandar Vucic wrote.

(Images removed by request)



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