BELGRADE – The exhibition titled “The Beginnings of Radio Broadcasting in Serbia” opened in Belgrade on Monday to mark the 90th anniversary of the first radio broadcast in the country.

Photo: Tanjug/D. Stankovic
Photo: Tanjug/D. Stankovic

The exhibition at the Postal Museum was opened by Nela Bojovic, head of marketing at the Post of Serbia.

The exhibition will be open through May 24, and the visitors will be able to see antique radio sets manufactured in Serbia and abroad, including a 1926 Viking detector, a 1928 Konrath, a 1929 Ideal-Blaupunkt 4N, a 1949 Kosmaj and a 1953 Moskvich.

Also on display are the original documents that illustrate the milestone years for the development of radio broadcasting in Serbia – 1919, 1924 and 1929, including the Decree on regular broadcasting issued by the Ministry of Post and Telegraph.


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