As Voice of Russia reported, citing Novosti Kryma (News of Crimea) , US unmanned reconnaissance aircraft has allegedly been shot down over Crimea.

The drone was allegedly surveilling Crimean troop positions over the Turetsky Val block-post, the newspaper quotes a Cossack source as saying.

The unsanctioned aircraft had been spotted by Crimean self-defense forces and Berkut policemen. Another, heavier, two-engine drone, has been allegedly shot down and fell outside the block-post’s area.

UPDATE: Until 10 PM CET on Tuesday there was still no official comment on the report. Furthermore, additional information on it cannot be found on any Ukrainian or Russian website.


  1. DOWN WITH THE USA!! now lets dream and fight for a life like the usa.. and products like the usa.. and food like the usa… and maybe the convenience that the americans worked hard to accomplish.. but you know.. fu*k the usa and their ways!… du*b people.

    • Food like the USA?
      Arrggh, i hope not. They can keep all their genetically modified and chemical-enriched junk.
      To get as obese as more than 50% of US-citizens are? No, thanks.

      Why do “Americans” (as they call themselves, though they are mostly not) always believe their food and way of living superior to others, while they know almost nothing about the rest of the world (where there are a lot of regions with much better food and happier people)?

  2. This story cannot be legitimate. The drones employed by the US, named the predator and reaper, each only have one engine.

    • What job is Obama pursuing, other than the complete destruction of the United States from within?
      No, let’s hope Ohbummer WAS on one of them.
      And no, most American’s do NOT support this spying crap. Heck, now they are caught spying on all of us.
      Shoot the da_n drones down, all of them – you will be doing us a favor.

  3. They shot down one of our remote controlled airplanes!

    I’m betting the pilot had time to go use the restroom before sitting down at his desk to fly the next one.

  4. U.S.’s getting every day more and more ridiculous. I wonder how many Americans agree with their puppet Obama. Native American’s already call him a ” Walking Eagle ” for a reason. While Ukrainians kissing the Obama’s ass, many millions of people around the world are fed up of this greedy capitalist world. People are loosing their basic human rights to work, to live healthy and more naturally and are forced to eat damn GMO food and systematically are trapped in financial crisis in the name of the capitalist business. How much it has to take that people will wake up and do something together to fight this capitalist evil ?

    • Answer: at least my friends and I absolutely do NOT agree with the puppet Obama. Hm, would Obama still get the Nobel Peace prize ?
      Which is one of the greatest ironies of all: Alfred Nobel’s work on explosives has cause thousands, perhaps millions, of deaths during war. How can anything with the name Nobel on it be called a “peace” prize?

    • How is it that the entire worlds problems are all because of American greed, the food you eat, the work you do etc? How is American greed here the issue? You ignore the fact that Russia entered into another country and occupied it with not justification but their own desire and somehow that relates to America doing something wrong? The stupidity of the general population amazes me, a president who had to leave his own country because of crimes against humanity hides in Russia and then gives permission to have a portion of his country secede after Russian military occupies it and that has what to do with America capitalism? WOW

  5. The average American does not support involvement in Ukraine, though they are very afraid of what a “mobile, tactical force” of Russians can accomplish if their sudden annexation of Crimea is allowed to happen. Unfortunately, we have no claim to Ukraine, and all we can do is work through diplomacy and with our economic power to effect things on the ground. The new parliament is broke, and they need NATO’s help to sustain their new government against Russia, who are basically taking away a vastly important location from them. Imagine Detroit suddenly becoming Canadian, and Canada claiming a right to it because there are a lot Canadians there and they occupied it with Britain in the war of 1812… Dramatic exaggeration, but you get my point. Just as Russia is protecting their interest at a government level, we are using the situation to increase our interest. From what I’ve seen on a day to day basis, people here would rather Obama focus on our ridiculous healthcare situation and let Eastern Europe and Middle East fight themselves.

    • Detroit has nothing to offer but progressive misery and democrat debt. A showcase of liberal policies. Canada would not take if it was given to them.

    • Hm, the thought of Detroit be dumped onto our Canadian friends is very appealing to me indeed, however the Canadians would likely refuse to accept.
      You are funny, like sweet talking points from the Sunday pundit shows. Let’s be more direct, shall we? Ukraine is NONE of our (the USA) business, we have zero right to fly drones there. And I agree with you, about the failed and illegal Obamacare needing to be completely repealed – if that is what you meant.

  6. First of all: what are making all the Yanquee warlovers here on our european site? Don’t you feel ashamed, you bunch of pseudoromean Empire Greeders?
    In the last 200years+ no nation has made soo much wars LIKE YOU, so don’t chittychat us with stupid justifications, why just YOU of all people wants to be seen as “World Police” and “Peacekeepers”, hahaha ^^ :D

    You are nothing but awkward and dangerous Hypocrites, nobody likes you in the world, your time will be over when your worthless dollar crashes…HOW will you otherwise pay all the tremendous insane military costs?
    Goodbye America.
    When you break down, you will beg for help from all the countries you have treated like sh*t.
    But then it will be your turn to learn whats panic and misery you have brought over dozens of countries since the begin of your criminal existence.

    Howdy, you HoochieCoochie Men ;P

    • European Commander jeeze with a name like that you must think a lot of yourself. I dont feel the need to justify anything to you and dont see anyone doing it. You talk about hypocrites now that is funny with Europe controlling almost all of the known world in its time, now you talk about others being warmongers when we help others. Oh YOUR website huh, I suppose it was YOUR invention, how dare anyone else on the planet use YOUR website. If you want a website go and get your own and then you can monitor who leaves statements on it, then you can have your opinion and only allow others who share your thoughts on it. The site should be bustling with about 20 people, all who hate Americans for no other reason than to hate them.

      Why are you worried about our military costs? Europe has shared the benefits of American military costs for years, how short your memory is.

      As far as breaking down, well it might happen, but it wont be because of military costs, it will be more so because our idiot president insists upon acting more like our socialist counterparts who have ridiculous health care and other civil programs. Seeking help from countries we have treated like Sh*t? doubtful, I have an idea, how about the countries we have bailed out and given Billions of dollars to pay us back for a friggin change, if that happened we would have no problems.

    • we do consider ourselves the Russian Ukrainians or Ukrainian Russians at the same time….We had no real borders here until 1991.. Those dumb pro-western politicians made us separated like the Koreans…Whoever from the ex Polish areas wants to live in an independant country, let them go back to where they came from….out of Kiev and my land…What the hell the NATO and the US military doing here? Let them mind their own business… or they want just one more Iraque with its civil war? or Afgan with its drug production and wild islamists seeking power? Russia has invested much more into the world’s civilazation than the US with its lack of culture and agressive poltics…Europe would have been speaking German if not ‘bad Russians’. You’d better leave us alone not to put more fuel into the local ethnic clash and stop supporting the west-ukrainian nazi junta which has illegally seized the power in Kiev

    • Here in Greece we are wondering -the once that have still brains- how comes that the pro-EU Ukains have no knowlege of the situation in EU countries. What a misery, poorness, criminality, lies from the Media and the goverment, pressure, takeover of the land and the properties, suecides has come to the highest point of ever!! How comes they belive a boxer who came from Germany and have no gloo what is realy happening around them!

    • Kozak you have the right to your opinion granted, but you and those like you just dont make any sense. Again, blame America because your country broke off of Russia? What the hell is NATA and American military doing there? What the hell are you talking about? WHERE? WHERE? WHERE? Im just ungodly tired of hearing about how Americans are doing this and doing that and your tunnel vision to hate Americans over rides common sense. Where are they, I dont see any Americans there? I dont See American armored personnel carriers there, I dont see American or NATO troops there, American choppers in the sky, Americans setting up machine guns trying to antagonize a fight. NO, THEY ARE RUSSIANS !!!!!!!!!!!!

      You are entitled to your opinion and your freedoms (or whatever Putin allows you to have) but dont blame Americans for every single thing that happens on the planet, that hust shows ignorance whatever your opinion may be.

  7. What Kozak says is the ultimate truth. The U.S. has separated the Ukrainians from Russians to serve its two fold purpose. Weaken both Russia and Ukraine. Supply arms to Ukraine for which Ukraine pays. Continue to keep the surrounding countries of Russia busy creating trouble for Russia and prevent its economic progress, of course, all the time talking about human rights and other sermons. Keep the American public completely in dark about the true situation.

    • So weakening a communist country that would rather annex a sovereign population into their own country and control them rather than teaching them and letting them be trade partners is a bad thing? What did Russia do for the world in the past century? name all of the technology and freedom they inspired. Just forget about China and North Korea and all the communist asian killing fields. The only reason anyone would not speak the truth out into the American or European public is because they sway almost as easy as the international stock exchange and the general population of the earth does not have the time to review the facts. people are too busy trying not to stress over the shitty FIAT money system

      deaths caused by starvation/execution in China and Russia during WWII thanks to communist leaders being completely incompetent: 60 million+

      even during the American dust bowl (do you know what that is?) we didn’t have that many casualties

  8. Dear ImThinking,

    Please, take a look at what Kozak said: Europe would have been speaking German if not ‘bad Russians’. Do you know why? Because it was not USA who stopped Hitler, it was Russia.
    USA helped a lot (with food and weapons), but came in only at the end, to make sure
    a big piece of Germany will be West Germany, and to get dividents.
    Honestly, I think if Russians did not destroy Hitler, USA would have been speaking
    German as well.


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