Director Emir Kusturica criticized the statement of Hilary Clinton, who compared Russian President Vladimir Putin with Hitler over the intervention in Ukraine, saying that this is not an insignificant thing, “Blic” reported.


“To call Putin a fascist because of the intervention in Ukraine, and at the same time being one of the creator of wars in Iraq, Kosovo and Metohija, Afghanistan, Libya, Ossetia, is not a trivial thing,” said Kusturica in an author article in “Politika”.

He noted that Putin just his moves everywhere with the fear of his people from “bandera faction”, heirs of Ukraine fascists, “the contractors of the Second Ukranian Revolution”.

Kusturica reminded that Americans did not free Europe from fascism and that 20 million Russians were killed in the fight against Hitler.

“It does not matter that those you accuse have lost 20 million people in the fight against Hitler. Then you just call the inheritor of that tradition Hitler, and amnesty the actual fascist from the guilt. The truth is not cool, but what are we going to do, and if we agree to it, how we will react if soon a thesis comes up, let’s say, that monkey became of the man. The way things are now, that happening is not impossible,” said Kusturica.


  1. Привет, братья сербы! Спасибо вам за поддержку! Россия любит вас!
    Здраво, браћа Срби! Хвала вам на подршци! Русија те воли!

  2. Putin’s comparison with Hitler quite correct. In Russia for a long time the Communistic fascism already operates{works}. Now it{he} was transformed to religious fascism. When at us pensioners, doctors, teachers and others live below the breadline, the church does not pay taxes, and any criticizing religion risks to get in prison or to become homelesses. Whether it is fascism?
    You speak about that that the fascism has been won due to lives of citizens of the USSR. It is not necessary to forget about that how many the weapon Stalin from the USA during war has received. It is not necessary to forget victims from the Great Britain and the USA in conflicts outside of the Europe.
    However still to me especially painfully to hear to address of Putin kind words because I know what distress at LGBT-community in Russia. Orthodox fascists from the various organizations, type of the National Cathedral, threaten them, beat. People discharge from office because of that that they mismatch religious morals.
    Putin has transformed Russia into the authoritative state and quite deserves a rank of the dictator. And now its{his} attempt to grasp Crimea, as well as war in South Ossetia, are very similar to capture of Poland by Hitler in 1939

    • Always the same peoples who dare’s pulling the “H” word when politics does not go their way and yet they destroyed Irak, Libya, and made a 100% clean Kosovo. These same politician are manipulating their population with media with ease like you would teach a monkey to do tricks. Some people should be steeping off their pedestal and cure their super heros syndrome.
      You are not saviors and never will be

    • Is fan to read such a message from a person who probably haven’t ever been in Russia. I don’t support curent political regime of Russian Fedaration, but most of your statement are just simply not true or misinterpreted for your oun purposes.
      It’s true that the Orthodox church became powerfull, rich and corrupted organisation, but your words about ”religious fascism” is a exaggeration. I personaly don’t belong to Orthodoxians, but I never had any problem with it, nor on my workpace, neither in my everyday life in Russia.
      ”Weapon Stalin from the USA during war has received” was oly about 5-6 % of total USSR weaponry, it’s was not significant. Alsom,if you compare 11 millions lives of lost russian soldiers(totally about 20 million victims, including civilians) with totaly 0.5 million USA’s casualties you will really rethink the Alies participation in WW2.
      Howewer, I shall agree with you about authoritarism of russian’s political sistem. I don’t support curent relation to LGBT, but it’s not as bad as you tell it is. Personally know gay couple, nice guys, don’t have a lot of troubles beeing homosexual in Russia.

    • Если вы все еще помните о том что во второй мировой погибли и англичане и американцы, то как можете молчать о том что сейчас фашизм вновь поднимает голову. Вас интересуют больше права секс меньшинств, а не историческая правда, потому-что ваш мозг ниже уровня живота.

      If you still remember about that died in the Second World and the British and Americans, how can keep quiet about that now raises its head again fascism. You are interested in more than the rights of sex minorities rather than historical truth, because the cord below the level of your belly.

  3. The Soviet soldiers also raped hundreds of Yugoslavian women and Moscow practically was replacing the Nazis with governments which acted as vassals to the Soviets for 50 years.
    Russians were not liberators then and they are not now.

  4. Hilary Clinton and Bill are top criminals ! Russia is surrounding by US missiles and bases , so Putin has right to defend his country .

    And the Clintons : [link]

  5. @ Alex – pointless remark you don’t know what you are talking about

    Привјет братсва – србИруси

  6. Well, read some history, you ignorant Croats and Albanians.
    Once you get some in depth knowledge of the WW wars facts, you might just realise how truthful and spot on Kusturica’s words are!!
    Croatia of today is based on genocide and lies. Let’s hope that it’s equivalent, ex Nazi puppet state of Ukraine does not go through the same ethnic cleansing process of majority population in it’s Russian regions.

    Thank God that there is some still reason and common sense left in the media of today. Wider public is rightfully disillusioned and fed up with American propaganda lies and domination. US policy is bringing chaos and misery to many of world’s regions through military might and resources exploitation. Concealing American corporate greed and benefit with the “freedom loving” and “democratic” media lies.
    Thanks for speaking the TRUTH, Emir.


    • The only fascists Nazis are the masked armed Russian troops that have allowed Ukrainians to be murdered in their homeland. Russians go to Russia, it is a very large nation, and stop destroying other countries for your despicable Communist empire.

  7. pot calling the kettle black – all these politicians want to be like Hitler, but without showing their true colours. The only thing worse than Hitler are Sneaky Hitlers

  8. Kusturica is right – Americas think THEY won WWII (250,000 US dead as opposed to 20,000,000 Russians).

    The only people of importance who died in WWII, besides US soldiers, were the Jews. No exaggeration.

    Americans are conditioned, brainwashed to react to `HITLER’ like Pavlov’s dogs. Everyone the West wants to get rid of quickly achieves new Hitler status in the media.

    • 400,000 US millitay deaths, 8-12 million Soviets , which includes Ukrainians. So your numbers are way off to start with and you are counting Ukrainians as Russians and every other country that was in the soviet union as Russians. At least give an accurate picture. This was was not in America which explains a lot of the difference. I read news from all over , including the crud displayed on Russian TV. They cover kittens dancing as the main story while invading Crimea and no coverage at all , or completely downplayed.

      How do you defend censorship of the media then. Ukraine which includes Crimea belongs to all Ukrainians, not just the people who live there. If those people love Russia so much , then let them go there. Build them apartment blocks in Moscow. Then they will be safe from the bad Ukrainians who want them to only speak Ukrainian. ( I was in Ukraine in Oct 2013 and April 2014 and everyone already , even in Kiev speaks Russian)

  9. Dictator Putin has done everything that would grant comparison to Hitler and the Nazis. He sends tanks, helicopters, and masked armed troops to supposedly safeguard Russians in a sovereign land, where no history of aggression had been recorded. Intimidates national Ukrainians and sets up a make believe election under the watch of terrorists. In the meantime accuses those who oppose him in Kiev of being Nazis. In Kiev Russians, Jews or any other group is not under the threat of armed Ukrainians. Only despicable Communists are the true Nazis. For decades they subjugated European nations in the same manner as Hitler goons. This is why when such nations had an opportunity, they split from anything Russian/Soviet; which is what Ukraine should have a right to do, but the new Hitler/Stalin/Lenin criminal Putin can not stand.

    • U.S. gasoline sold Hitler for war with the USSR.
      And entered into the Second World War, when the Russian left to Berlin 57 km…

  10. The Americans waited to enter both wars and in the first great war backed Germany with supplies while europeans blocked them they helped prolong the war!


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