ZVECAN – Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s minister without portfolio in charge of Kosovo-Metohija, has noted that the operation that Kosovo police carried out in Strpce, southern Kosovo-Metohija, on Tuesday was aimed at intimidating Serbs and forcing them to flee.

Photo: bigportal.ba
Photo: bigportal.ba

“The latest show of force in Strpce by Pristina’s interim authorities is an attempt to intimidate and scare Serbs once again,” Vulin told the Zvecan-based broadcaster Most referring to the operation of the Kosovo police special unit.

“It is no coincidence that this is happening in the area where Serbs constitute a majority and where they live in a tight community,” Vulin said.

“Incidents occur repeatedly, ranging from the fact that I have been banned from coming to Strpce seven or eight times, to this incident when they stormed the building of our court, seized papers, documents, entered premises by force, broke file cabinets open, and arrested four Serbs who have worked in police for quite a long time,” Vulin said.

“Our Ministry of Justice sent a protest note and we expect a response,” Vulin said, urging Strpce’s citizens to stay calm.

Vulin said that the Office for Kosovo-Metohija, which he heads, “will immediately ensure legal assistance for all the arrestees.”

ROSU members stormed the court building in Strpce, which is part of the Serbian justice system, and left it after one hour.

Members of the Kosovo police special unit ROSU unlawfully stormed the building of the court unit belonging to the Basic Court in Kosovska Mitrovica that is located in Strpce, TV Most learnt from Nikola Kabasic, the acting president of the High Court in northern Kosovska Mitrovica.

They threw court employees out of the building, got hold of three men and then began the unlawful search of the court, Kabasic said.

After the search, ROSU members took away certain amount of court archives and documents.

During the day, we expect to have a full report of the scope of damage that was caused in the court building and a detailed list of court documents that were unlawfully seized, he said.

The Serbian Ministry of Justice and Ministry responsible for Kosovo-Metohija have been informed about the incident, Kabasic said.

ROSU members searched the premises of the Serb directorate for construction and fund for health insurance in Strpce.

The same police unit arrested local members of Kosovo police in Strpce and nearby villages , and took them to Urosevac for a police interview, members of the interim municipal council of Strpce told Radio-Television of Serbia.


  1. This continues to show that all the deals Serbia is doing over Kosovo aren’t making things any better for Kosovo Serbs. You can’t negotiate with those whose goal it is to have Kosovo all to themselves and kick out Serbs. Serbia’s leaders are betraying Serbia and Kosovo Serbs to try and get into the EU which is full of anti-Serbs and lacks a sense of real morality and justice.

  2. Kosovo are only getting away with these tactics because it has the UN, KFOR and other American backed muscle protecting it. The Serbs only have to sneeze out of line and the full weight of America’s back hand is brought down on them.


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