BELGRADE – Representatives of the Islamic Community of Serbia (IZS) held a meeting on Thursday at the Serbian Business Club “Privrednik” to discuss the possibility of cooperation with the producers of halal food, which is based on strict Islamic dietary requirements.

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Mustafa Jusufspahic, director of the Halal Agency in Serbia which gathers food producers complying with Islamic standards, Belgrade Mufti Muhamed Jusufspahic, and general secretary of the IZS Rijaset Eldin Asceric conferred with the “Privrednik” club chairman Miodrag Kostic.

The talks focused on the activities aimed at the preservation of traditional food production in Serbia and on economic ties and friendly relations with Islamic countries.

The possibility of expanding production based on halal standards in Serbia was also discussed, particularly referring to companies owned by members of the “Privrednik” club.

The guests were introduced to the goals and missions of the club, and its plans in the area of corporate social responsibility and promotion of good relations between the IZS and “Privrednik”.

Kostic presented the guests with a monograph published by the club, ‘Endowments and Philanthropy in the Tradition of the Serbian People’, released “Privrednik”.