Croatian Red Cross has begun receiving aid for the people affected by catastrophic floods which have hit the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, it was announced today by the organization. Montenegro has also joined the action.

Photo: MoD
Photo: MoD

Financial aid is being received by online donations on websites of Croatian Red Cross, reported Seebiz portal. As the portal reports, Croatian Red Cross will deliver aid to Red Cross in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Montenegrin Red Cross opened a bank account for the money intended for those most affected by floods that have hit Serbia and BiH, the organization said.

Montenegrin Red Cross will help its colleagues in BiH with canisters for water, boots and canned food, as it was agreed in the direct communication between the two organizations, the statement said.

It is added that the Red Cross in Serbia informed them that the organization “currently has resources for intervention”.

The citizens will be able to help those affected by floods by sending SMS to dedicated numbers.

The Government of Montenegro said earlier it will help Serbia in relief operations.