Today in the world lives about 11.5 million Serbs. Most in Serbia – 6.2 million. In the Republika Srpska 1.2 million. According to the 2011 census officially there are 182,473  Serbs in Montenegro and they make up a third of the residents of the country. Almost 4 million Serbs live in diaspora.


“After nine great migrations Serbian people dispersed on five continents,” says Aleksandar Cotric, Chairman of the Diaspora in the previous convocation of the Serbian parliament. “Two million Serbs is in the region, and two million in the diaspora. We continiously make efforts to keep that people with us, with Serbia, to strengthen our national identity”.

Serbian diaspora was created in 1690, with the first great migration led by Arsenije Carnojevic. It was followed by the second great migration in 1740 led by Arsenije Jovanovic. This created the diaspora in Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia.

Professor dr. Vladimir Grecic says that about 1 million people received German citizenship by 2014 . Among them were 61,936 citizens of Serbia. In Australia, where, unofficially, there are 200,000 Serbs, only a third is correctly listed, and even 95% of Serbs there took Australian citizenship. Most of the displaced Serbs are in Vienna, almost 200,000 of them, which is why the capital of Austria was declared the capital of the Serbian diaspora.

“Our people, scattered around the world, has triple status,” said Rade Bakracevic, Serbian activist from Maribor.

“Serbs have the status of national minority in Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia, status of temporary workers in Western Europe and status of immigrants in overseas countries. Currently, Serbia is lobbying for Serbs in Albania, Austria and Slovenia to have a national minority status, where they are most common as foreigners.


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