Serbian daily “Telegraf” has come to the possession of the video which shows the moment when the wolf attacked a girl in the Belgrade Zoo.

Although the director of the Zoo, Vuk Bojovic, said that the girl approached the wolf from behind which was the reason the wolf reacted, the video published by the daily clearly shows the girl calmly walking with her mother when the wolf suddenly approaches and attacks the girl from behind.

The girl was admitted to the hospital with a swelling, bruse and a minor laceration on her back. She was released from the hospital two days later.

The wolf that attacked the girl is about 10 months old.


  1. The little girl looked “prey sized” to the wolf. There are also some dogs who go after children that size. For certain that wolf should not be out among the public anymore.

  2. Speaking of dogs going after small children. Here is a current youtube video of a 4-year-old child in California that was attacked and dragged off his bike by the neighbor’s dog as he rode in his yard. The family cat sprang into action and pounced on the dog causing it to run away – at least temporarily. Now the family is getting on the national news because of the “hero cat”.

    The video shows separate views of the attack due to two security cameras on the house.


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