SVETI STEFAN – Preparations for the wedding of Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic, which will be held on July 9 and 10th on Sveti Stefan, are coming to an end, and every detail has been organized in advance, writes Serbian Daily Telegraf.


Media representatives in Serbia will be banned from the wedding, and employees on the Montenegrin peninsula and all those involved in the organization have signed strict agreements which bind them to the sole discretion and they will not be able to post anything from the event on social networks, as otherwise they will pay a heavy fine.

“None of the domestic media got the permission to be at the wedding, but they will be able to obtain the photographs from colleagues from abroad,” said the source for Kurir.

Exclusive rights to the wedding will cost colleagues from the world several thousand euros, which will go to the charity.

“Special rules apply to those working at the wedding. Use of mobile phones is permitted outside the hall where the wedding will be organized. Disclosing any kind of information is strictly forbidden and everyone who does so will be rigorously punished,” said the source.


  1. So, all the proceeds from the wedding are being payed to the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Wow!
    Novak and Jelena are incredibly altruistic and charitable, always thinking of and helping their beloved Serbia and its people. May (hope) you both live long and prosper, have great success, and that you have many happy, healthy, beautiful, successful children.

    • What appals me, from a British perspective, is the fact that few of OUR sports stars seem to be as altruistic as Novak. Yes, we’ve seen some of them on television, the Elaina Baltacha Tennis Academy, Wayne Rooney’s “Street Soccer” and Michael Owen’s Soccer School, but, to put back into HIS sport the finance that Novak has in his beloved Serbia, is nothing short of remarkable. I don’t believe that there is anywhere in Serbia that has not benefitted from Novak’s generosity, or anyone living in a town, or village, who cannot get to a local tennis court thanks to the Novak Djokovic Foundation. I echo wholeheartedly the sentiments expressed by Pravda, and just to add that such a role-model proves the adage, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!


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