After almost all Serbian media carried the news that Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic will get married for the upcoming weekend, today the story about the wedding got a new twist.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

In fact, as Kurir reported on Friday, the wedding will not be held in June, but in July and after Wimbledon. According to Kurir, the information was confirmed by several sources.

“The wedding of our best sportsman will not be held this weekend, but right after Wimbledon. Tennis players will have a break of about a month and Novak decided to get married in that period. If he would make the wedding now, Novak would be in big problems, since as early as next week he will go to London, where he will prepare for the coming tournament which is specific as it is being played on the grass and for such surface one needs a period of adjustment,” said a source close to Kurir.

Since the official information is almost impossible to get to, it remains unclear whether this new information about the wedding in July is true, or was leaked for some reason.

The fact is that Novak enjoyed in the delights of Ibiza with his best friends and in some way made a bachelor party, although he officially “went to the island to recover from an exhausting season on clay and to recharge his batteries for the upcoming Wimbledon.”

Also, some, again unofficial, information from Montenegro say that “preparations for the wedding are being wrapped up”.

What of all this is true, we’ll found out soon enough.



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