BELGRADE / SVETI STEFAN – Novak Djokovic has not invited colleagues Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic to his, as media refer to it, wedding of the decade.


They will not show up on July 10th at the wedding Novak and his future wife Jelena Ristic will organize in Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, Serbian media reported.

Previously it was rumored that Robert de Niro, Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray would come to Montenegrin coast, but as things stand now, they will not be coming, reported Belgrade daily “Kurir”.

Novak Djokovic also plans to, after the civil wedding with 210 guests on July 10th, crown his love with Jelena in the church, on the first day after the Petrov fast is over. The tennis player will, as media report, stand before the altar in unnamed monastery in Montenegro, in the presence of only 15 people.


  1. I could never be a professional tennis player because I do not have the patience to deal with this kind of attack on a daily basis. Jelena is married to the world of tennis fans like me who are blessed to watch her play and enjoy the body on that pretty woman. She’s a wonderful, talented, hard-working, young woman and if the point of this article is to imply she has been disrespected , then the article itself has failed. It failed to uplift the reader’s spirit. It failed to appeal to a higher morality.

    “Nah, nah nah-nah-nah! You didn’t get invited to the party! Ha! Ha!”

    What’s next, an article about something said on the schoolyard playground?

    Let’s not get confused. Jelena is a treasure to tennis. Her standing as an accomplished professional who has made tennis history is not dependent on being close to Novak. She is great whether she goes to his wedding. She’s sexy even if she does not have dinner at his house. She’s got a smoking hot body regardless of how Novak feels about her. And she’s my favorite athlete no matter what.

    Frankly, the only wedding Jelena should attend is the one where some exceptionally lucky person gets to place a ring on her finger.

    Go JJ!


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