BELGRADE – Serbia fiercely condemns the downing of the Malaysian plane in Ukraine and calls for restoration of peace and an active dialogue, Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic said on Wednesday.

Photo: MFA
Photo: MFA

The incident in which the plane was crashed is only a consequence of the crisis in Ukraine and Serbia will invest efforts to provide assistance in the dialogue, he said.

Serbia supports an independent investigation into the reasons for the recent plane downing, and the individuals responsible for the incident need to face up to severe sanctions and consequences, Dacic told reporters after delivering a speech before the gathered foreign students participating in the World in Serbia project.

Speaking about the adjustments of Serbia’s policy to the EU joint defence policy, Dacic recalled that the screening on Chapter 31 has begun and that the bilateral screening will continue in autumn.

We will adjust our policy to the EU policy, Dacic said.

Serbia wishes to maintain a well-balanced policy, Dacic said and added that various pressures were exerted on Serbia to assume a stand in line with one or another policy, and compared this situation to the existence of various stands concerning the events in Gaza.

Speaking about the appointment of new ambassadors, Dacic said that active efforts are being invested to this end.

By the end of the year, we will have to appoint members of 25 diplomatic and consular representative offices worldwide, Dacic said and added that the names of future diplomats will not be released until credentials are issued.


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