BELGRADE – Ljubisav Orbovic and Branislav Canak, the leaders of the two representative unions, signed a decision on Tuesday to go on a general strike as of July 17 until the proposed changes to the laws on labor and pension and disability insurance are withdrawn from the procedure.


In the decision sent to the media, the unions say that this means that workers will stop going to work and hold protests.
The strike committee, comprising 19 members of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia (SSSS) and the United Branch Unions “Independence” (UGS Nezavisnost), will work in their premises.

The decision notes that the leaders and officials of SSSS and UGS Nezavisnost are obliged to ensure that their members suspend work and organize their trips to Belgrade.

The decision on the general strike was delivered by the SSSS council and presidency and the UGS Nezavisnost main committee, because the government wants to rush the amendments through parliament without following the legal procedure.

Trade unions file requests to the Serbian parliament

Representatives of the two most numerous trade unions from restructuring companies filed to the Serbian parliament the requests for withdrawal of proposed amendments to the labour law and law on pension and disability insurance.

The Autonomous Metalworkers’ Union of Serbia, Branch Trade Union of Industry, Energy and Mining UGS ‘Independence’, Autonomous Union of Chemistry and Non-Metal Minerals Workers of Serbia and management officials from restructuring companies also filed to the Ministry of Economy the list of requests concerning the definition of the ways and deadlines for conclusion of the restructuring process in their companies.

The trade union representatives requested a withdrawal of the proposed amendments to the laws and called on the government to draw up a list of the companies that may continue operating, draft the social programme for employees and transfer the payments for overdue salaries.

Tanjug learnt from the Secretary General of the Association of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia Zoran Mihajlovic that a group of trade union representatives would stay in the park near the National Assembly building, where they set up three tents, until Thursday when the controversial amendments are supposed to be adopted.

President of the Independent Trade Unions of Serbia Ljubisav Orbovic announced earlier that the two trade unions would launch a motion on Thursday to gather signatures of support for calling a referendum on the withdrawal of the proposed amendments to the labour law and the law on pension and disability insurance.


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