RATNE, Ukraine – In the town of Ratne, ten kilometers from the border of Ukraine and Belarus, eight Serbian refrigerated trucks that transport fruit to Russia have been stopped. Serbian drivers claim that around 300 Ukrainian women blocked their way, because they believe that “Serbs are Russian allies”.


How long will the “captivity” last, drivers say they do not know, but they complain that they are running out of food and water, as well as the fuel for refrigerators, so they fear that the goods will deteriorate. The value of the fruit in each trucks is about EUR 20,000.

“For two days our way is blocked by mostly women, with explanation that we can not go further only because we are Serbs. They told us that they are punishing us because we are old Russian allies, and that their husbands, sons and fathers, have been mobilized for 45 days. Some of them are killed. We are unable to do anything. We have notified our families and companies we work for, as well as the Embassy of Serbia in Ukraine,” Ivan Roskovic from Smederevo, one of the drivers, told for “Novosti”.

Instead of support, as he said, the Serbian Embassy criticized them for using road through Ukraine “when they know that there is a state of war.”

Roskovic said that two young men visited them yesterday, asking for 200 euros to show them alternative route. “However, in that direction there are only meadows and sands, and there is no road. We can not take chances,” said Roskovic.

“We passed this way earlier, and drivers who passed in previous days did not have any problems. We are the first stopped by the “cordon” of Ukrainian women, and there are about 15 trucks behind us from Macedonia and as much from Turkey. Ukrainian police, although few in number compared to women, tried to help us. They asked Ukrainian women to let us pass, but women said no,” said Roskovic.

Late yesterday afternoon army came to help. However, the road is still blocked.

“We were relieved when the army came and we hope they will soon open the road for us. They told us that the representatives of the local authorities will travel to Kiev, so we hope there will be a solution soon,” said Roskovic.

Of eight Serbian “captured” trucks, according to Roskovic, four are going to Russia, and four were returning to Serbia. They are from different companies in Sajkasi, Smederevo, Lazarevac and Lajkovac, and they transport nectarines, peaches and blackberries.


  1. There is making a point, but these Ukranian women are holding these Serbian men with no due course. If they begin to run out of food and water then their health will begin to be affected. Well, these women have disrupted these lorry drivers, now let them be and leave them their journey. Good luck and keep safe Ivan Roskovic and fellow Serbian lorry drivers.

  2. “If they begin to run out of food and water”

    Can’t they just eat the fruit in their trucks? I don’t see how they could starve or dehydrate with a truckload of fruit.

  3. These stupid who*es are full of shi*. Not all Serbs support Rassiya, and the UPA in WWII used Četniks as their inspiration. Really any Ukrainian nationalist who hates Jews and Serbs is a traitor.

  4. Unfortunately, they been brainwashed into believe that E.Ukraine is a war against Russia. A MO*ON would know that not even NATO big mouth will dare go in if Russia was involved.
    Serbia and Russia are NOT allies at all. Serbia is NATO ally. In the recent past people asked me about Russian involvement in E.Ukraine. My response? Kiev would be all in jail.
    That conflict is internal. Oligarchs Including choco man. sponsor this radicalism. Russia was asked by U.S ,E.U, U.K to accept separation of lands.. And Russia accepted federalism and republics within the fed. Why not in Ukraine?

    U.S call it, a threat to national security. Ukraine? You real?
    No is a lie. Propaganda. MAIDAN was sponsored by USAID , UKAID E.U etc. Why?
    Shale!! Where pro federalization forces are fighting IS where shale deposits are. Otherwise , KIEV would had been ordered to agree.

    Women are standing looking for things. About the trucks going into Russia? Doubt it. Russia can severe all contacts with west. Russia is part of Eurasian Union, that is linked to BRICS, SCO ETC.
    How I know the trucks did NOT went to Russia? OSCE mission IS at Russian border and checkpoints. They reported NOT such incident. Russia wants OSCE at border and using drones..LOL

    Kiev will need new lies. LOL.


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