PRISTINA – The list of individuals against whom the Kosovo police are conducting an investigation includes head of the Kosovo Islamic Community Naim Trnava, TV broadcaster Kohavision from Kosovo reported as quoted by Pristina-based media.


The investigation against Trnava is being conducted on suspicion that he received funds from suspicious organisations and appointed suspicious imams in Kosovo.

According to Kohavision, the investigation is also being conducted against several imams from the mosques in Prizren, Kacanik, Djeneral Jankovic and Dragas.

The police arrested Imam of the El-Kuddus Mosque in Gnjilane Zekerija Cazimi on Thursday as one of the chief instigators of the jihad in Kosovo.

In the same action, the police arrested another suspect, aged 27, from the village of Polac in the Srbica municipality in northern Kosovo, the Kosovo police released.

During the search, the police did not find Cazimi in his house and instead located him hidden in a vehicle in the nearby mountainous area, while the second suspect was found at his place of residence.

In the action, the police seized material evidence and the suspects arrested at a warrant issued by a prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office were remanded in a 48-hour police detention.

On August 11, the Kosovo police arrested 40 individuals from Kosovo on suspicion that they took part in the clashes in Syria and Iraq and supported terrorist organisations.

The arrested individuals come from Pristina, Pec, Gnjilane, Urosevac, Prizren and Kosovska Mitrovica. The suspects were arrested as the authorities estimated that their actions pose jeopardy to the national security and protection of constitutional order.

During the first hearing, five indictees admitted to having visited Syria but they denied the claims that they took part in the clashes or acted as part of a terrorist organisation. The other arrestees denied the accusations that they were involved in terrorist organisations of Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front.

At the request by the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office, the Special Court remanded the suspects in detention for the duration of 30 days.