TEKERIS, Aug 19 (Tanjug) – It is time that we live and work for Serbia like our ancestors, who gave everything for freedom and the country in World War I, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday in Tekeris, near Loznica, at the main ceremony commemorating the centenary of the Battle of Cer, in which Serbian forces won the first Allied victory in the Great War.


“We now have a duty and obligation to work and live for Serbia, just like soldiers fought and died for Serbia a hundred years ago. It is time to once again give the country at least part of what was given to it by those who gave it everything. It is time that we stop moping and complaining and make an effort for our Serbia. It is time for our sacrifice and our effort,” Vucic said.

“All those who believed in freedom had faith in Serbia in World War I, and from that faith and sacrifice emerged a country in which the modern generation has the obligation to build what emerged from the sacrifice of ancestors,” he noted.

“We came here to Cer to become a free nation that is worthy of respect, and we believed in victory,” Vucic said.

“The name for which lives were lost and for which we were victorious must again become our goal, our dream and legacy. That is why we must pledge to our ancestors that we will make their dream come true and that we will not find it hard to live and work for our Serbia, to build it and get it back to where it belongs,” Vucic said.

“That is our main job, so let us do it. A hundred years have passed and now is the right time. I am confident that we can do this,” Vucic said.

“We have wasted much time on the wrong decisions, regimes and wars, but we are back and we are ready to capture the Tekeris and Cer of our own,” he noted.

Serbia today belongs in Europe, just like it did in World War I, but it is not turning its back on the Russians, whom everyone today has forgotten and is against, he said.

“We are on our European path, but the Serbs have never turned their backs on a friend in trouble,” Vucic noted.

He thanked the ambassador of Austria – a country Serbia fought against in the Great War – for attending the ceremony, noting that that shows “how great the nation he comes from is”.

“Serbia will keep celebrating its victories, and it will keep winning in the future. Long live Serbia! To ultimate victory!” Vucic said at the ceremony, attended by more than 10,000 people.



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