BELGRADE – The Belgrade Pride Parade was held on Sunday, joined by of a large number of politicians and ambassadors and with heavy police presence, and there was no major incident.

pride parade

The police were involved only in minor clashes along the edges of the city centre.

The Parade took about 30 minutes, with the participants carrying rainbow-coloured flags and banners saying: “Justice for all victims of violence in Serbia.”

Officials from the Serbian government and foreign embassies joined the Parade. These included Minister without Portfolio Jadranka Joksimovic, State Administration Minister Kori Udovicki, head of the Serbian team for the accession talks with the EU Tanja Miscevic, head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport, US Ambassador Michael Kirby, Commissioner for Protection of Equality Nevena Petrusic, Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali, Liberal Democratic Party leader Cedomir Jovanovic, officials of the Democratic Party and various public and cultural figures, like writer Biljana Srbljanovic and film director Srdjan Dragojevic.

The Ascension Church bells rang as the Parade passed by, at a time when bells are not normally heard. The Serbian Orthodox Church was among those who opposed the Pride Parade in the runup to the event.

The centre of Belgrade was closed for traffic since early morning on Sunday.

The incident that drew the most attention happened at the Slavija square. where members of the Gendarmerie used force against Andrej Vucic, brother of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, and three members of his security, which was confirmed to Tanjug from two separate sources.

According to unofficial sources, Vucic tried to go through the police cordon at Slavija together with his security, but the gendarmes assaulted him and his security and beat them.

Around 50 young men bearing nationalist insignia tried to break through to Slavija at the intersection of the streets Beogradska and Njegoseva. They threw rocks at the police, but were driven back.

The police arrested two men in the street Svetozara Markovica after negotiations that lasted about 10 minutes, since one of them threatened the officers with an assault rifle.


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InSerbia Team September 28, 20141:42 PM

In addition to helicopters, which fly over the city, the police raised balloons with cameras above the city center which record the events of the Pride Parade.

InSerbia Team September 28, 20141:39 PM

Participants of the parade arrived safely to the National Assembly, where one of the organizers is expected to address them shortly.

InSerbia Team September 28, 20141:17 PM

Members of the Gendarmerie have beaten up Andrej Vucic, brother of the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and three members of the security of the Prime Minister of Serbia. They were transported to Military Medical Academy, “Blic” reports. The incident occurred at Slavija square, after the police wanted to legitimize Andrej Vucic and his security, after which there was a scuffle. So far there are no details on the incident.

InSerbia Team September 28, 20141:13 PM

The parade passed Beogradjanka building (Beogradska street), where they briefly stopped. They changed the transparent at the front of the column, and it now reads: “For all the victims of violence in Serbia. Belgrade Pride Parade.”

Then they stood for about a minute with fists up in the air as a sign of resistance to violence. After that they continued down Kneza Milosa Street, to the Boulevard of King Aleksandar.

InSerbia Team September 28, 20141:10 PM

“Blic” reports that the police has arrested more than 50 people for various reasons so far.

InSerbia Team September 28, 20141:05 PM

About two dozen opponents of the Pride Parade attempted to break through from Knez Mihajlova street to the Republic Square but were prevented by the police cordon. They dispersed into surrounding streets.

InSerbia Team September 28, 20141:04 PM

An incident occurred at the Pride Parade when a man dressed in a camouflage uniform went among the participants of the parade and broke several banners, reported. The transparent had a picture of Patriarch Irinej on it and read: “I give a million euros for you to be mine”.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:59 PM

At the front of the parade is a transparent reading: “Pride for all. Pride Parade Belgrade.”

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:47 PM

The parade began at 12:45.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:40 PM

Our reporter estimates that there are about 1,000 people present. Participants are forming the procession, the parade is about to begin.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:33 PM

Movement “1389” urged everyone who oppose today’s Pride Parade not to be violent, but to protest in a peaceful manner, “Blic” reported.. President of the movement Radojko Ljubicic told Tanjug that the organization will not participate in any kind of protest, anywhere in the city.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:26 PM

There are three rings of security around the city center. The only way to pass them is with a valid legitimation. Reporters are allowed to pass the security rings only from the side of the main railway station.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:15 PM

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:14 PM

“Blic” reports that the largest number of police officers is located at the corner of Takovska street and King Aleksandar Boulevard.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:12 PM

As Tanjug reported, a man was injured today at about 11:40 during an intervention by the police in the center of Belgrade. About 15 police intervened in the entrance to a building in Svetozara Markovica street, from where they took a middle-aged man with bloodied head.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201412:02 PM

InSerbia Team September 28, 201411:56 AM

Vice President of the Democratic Party, Borislav Stefanovic, came to the Pride Parade in Belgrade and said that the support for the manifestation presents a form of protection of human rights and the Constitution of Serbia.

InSerbia Team September 28, 201411:53 AM

InSerbia Team September 28, 201411:53 AM

InSerbia Team September 28, 201411:47 AM

Mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali, who will participate in today’s Pride Parade, urged all citizens to show that Serbian capital respects diversity and that it is a cosmopolitan and world city.

Mali told reporters that he visited the route of the parade, expressing belief that everything will go without incidents.


  1. Well, progress in small steps. Everyone knows that in more civilized places this kind of parade happens every year and is in no way newsworthy one way or another.

    It’s progress that fewer people got injured, fewer hulligans came to kill compared to 2010 and fewer police had to put themselves in harm’s way to save peaceful marchers from homicidal lunatics.

    It is too bad that Serbia as so many violent thugs are are prepared to commit violence for such a poor reason. It’s a legacy of war. To fight a war, you need to turn your people violent first.

    It will be a long time until Serbia rids itself of these violent tendencies…. perhaps 100 years

    Until then…. baby steps.

  2. Овим прајдом падају многе маске, можда је и добро што се политичари толико брину о својима, јер самим тиме показују да нису у служби држављана Србије већ неког тамо шестог. У напаћеној Србији после свега коме је потребно се та парада организује, њеним противницима се по старом рецепту опет лупа етикетица ДЕСНИЧАРИ. О новинарима нећу да трошим речи, таква гамад не треба да има потомства…. А довољно је бацити поглед на те који протествују и укапирати да је то обичан народ, и са децом, сит го*ана којим их хране они који су задужени да их чувају – свој народ, род?!? Види се да по нечијем налогу мора да се одржи та парада, велика је глупост да се то ради због ЕУ. Отказују се утакмице, самим тиме стварају још додатни трошкови у свакодневном животу, па и тих спортских радника, да би парадирало неколико стотина ре*арда (са све полицијом у цивилу) и неколицине људи јавних личности паченика. Зашто они терају овај ината, ти педери? Педера је било и биће, на жалост, али они имају већи проблем сада тј. од настанка те организације глбт, који су више него контра продуктивни са тим усиљавањем толеранције ненормалних сексуалних опредељења. Јер она јесу ненормална, сви знамо шта је нормално и шта је потребно да овај народ преживи, како размишља, шта жели… А педербал који штити преко 7000 пандура (питам се да није то фетиш жеља тих организатора), сигурно није показатељ да то народ овде жели, и још после свих поплава, смањења пензија, окупиране државе,…
    Тај који мисли да је то што се дешава или треба да се деси паралелно те параде срамота за Србију. Гадно се је заје*о, јер управо та цела акција са том орагнизацијом параде 99% Срба рећи ће да је СРАМОТА. А Србин нешто када ради он то ради углавном због ИНАТА, а када се маса таквих људи окупи то чини због НЕПРАВДЕ! Срамота је шта све новинари пишу, Срамота је што нас воде такви људи, Срамота је цела та парада! Још је и назову парада! Да то је нешто што ће сигурно обрадовати овај поносан народ, на 100 година од великог рата… А они који се нађу да бране те педере то чине искључиво због запада и жеље да буду део тог ”цивилизираног света”, који обично стоје иза свих најодвратнијих дешавањима прошлих векова (колониарних окупација, ратова, материјалистичне идеологије самим тиме губљење душе, финансирања ових и оних олоша, ружења система који им не леже) који очигледно не знају шта је понос, па та реч добија сасвим други смисао на Руском језику – пролив!

  3. 7000 Police “Pimped” to protect 500 queers is simply ridiculous! What does that all cost poor Serbs?
    The Serbian Government should shame itself for getting on 2 knees in hopes of joining what? (A bankrupt EU ???)
    Russia/China/India are the emerging markets with actual $$$ why prostitute Serbia to broke countries and humiliate your Government as you constantly do. This is beyond bad news.


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