Chetniks detained upon their return from Ukraine

Members of "Jovan Sevic" unit in Ukraine

BELGRADE – A group of Serbian volunteers which fought on the side of the rebel forces in Ukraine, returned to Serbia in the night between Thursday and Friday. Security Intelligence Agency (BIA) members waited for them at the airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade, reported “Telegraf” quoting “Vesti online”.

Members of "Jovan Sevic" unit in Ukraine
Members of “Jovan Sevic” unit in Ukraine

As “Vesti online” learned, Serbian secret service was interested in details of their stay in Novorossiya, as they call the area around Donetsk and Luhansk.

“Five of our members landed at the airport and they were immediately interrogated by the members of BIA. The interrogation lasted about 5 hours, almost until 4 a.m., and then they were released to their homes. They wanted to know if we went there for money, how we traveled and who organized everything. They erased some of the photographs on our mobile phones. I suppose someone wants to connect us with Russian financiers, but we paid the trip with our own money,” unnamed source from Chetnik movement told the portal.

During fights in Ukraine, passports of some Chetnik volunteers were destroyed, so they turned to the Embassy of Serbia to have new ones issued. That is how BIA learned names of Serbian volunteers.

“Leader of the movement, Bratislav Braca Zivkovic, is still in Russia, because he has to attend meetings of Chetniks and Cossacks on further actions, because we are part of the Orthodox Brotherhood,” he added.

As “Vesti online” learned, two Albanians and one Croat, who fought on the side of Ukrainian forces, have disappeared. In fact, they were captured by forces ofNovorossiya two weeks ago and their fate is still uncertain, as it is still unknown where the rebels keep them and are they still alive.


  1. These men should be getting medals for helping the Russian brothers and sisters instead of being on the receiving end of Serbian police harassment. In the 19th century, Serbs volunteered in Russian wars. In the 1876-78 Serbian-Turkish War, the Serbian army was bolstered by Garibaldi’s Italians fighters, plus men from France, Poland, Greece and Romania. Serbia owes a debt of gratitiude to those foriegn volunteers who fought for Serbian freedom. In the 20th century, 1914-1918 war, mainly ethnic Serbs from America travelled across the Atlantic Oceen and volunteered to join the Serbian Army. Volunteers to and from from Serbia and Russia cement the brotherhood in such a way.

  2. It will come very soon time when all Serbia’s citizens coming back from Russia as tourists to be arrested in Serbia as the terrorists and to be sent to Guantanamo.