BELGRADE – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that he expects the EU to increase pressure on Serbia to introduce sanctions against Russia as the Ukrainian conflict grows more violent, adding that he believes that Serbia will build the same relationship of understanding and partnership with the new High EU Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini as with her predecessor Catherine Ashton.


The EU’s stance regarding Serbian decision not to impose sanctions on Russia will change based on the intensity of the Ukrainian conflict, that is, the growing conflict between the EU and Russia, Dacic told Belgrade-based daily Danas.

The position of the EU will depend on the developments in Ukraine, underlined Dacic.

He added that, in principle, he does not expect the appointment of a new High EU Representative to bring any changes to the approach that Catherine Ashton had to Serbia, Danas reports.

“I expect mutual trust, understanding and partnership,” Serbia’s foreign minister said.


  1. re – EU will increase pressure on Serbia over Russia.
    They – the EU, Nato, US, are going to do “a Milosevic” on Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
    May the Orthodox God look after Vladimir and may he hold firm and good luck.
    All those males running around at the Nato summit like hens in a barn yard make me sick.
    They think they are important! ha! ha! I think they are impotent! ha! ha!
    Serbia should never forget her Russian brothers and partners just like she should never forget or give up on Kosmet.

  2. Well Switzerland is staying neutral at this point with regards to sanctions on Russia. If Serbia was smart they’d be like Switzerland and not push to be in the EU, which has made Serbia make many decisions which have hurt the country.