BELGRADE – Political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic said that Thursday’s “Pohod na Hadžet” of uniformed Islamists in Novi Pazar is a threat not only to Serbia and the Republika Srpska, but to the entire Balkans, because it is obvious that the intention behind this is creation of Islamic caliphate in the Balkans.

Photo: N.Kocovic

Andjelkovic told Srna agency that young men in green uniforms and red fezzes on their heads, carrying war flags of the so-called Army of BiH, who on Thursday allegedly paid tribute to Bosniaks shot seven decades ago because of the cooperation with the former occupier, are much more dangerous and worse than members of the notorious “Handzar division”.

“They are much worse because in their nature and acting they are wilder, they are moved by radical Islam,” said Andjelkovic.

He pointed out that a “classic military exercise” was conducted in the territory of Serbia and that Serbian authorities now have to react, because otherwise they will “face severe consequences tomorrow”.

Photo: N.Kocovic
Photo: N.Kocovic

Commenting on the fact that in Serbian media, which deal with the status of joint Serbian – Russian Center in Nis and its fate, there is not a single analytic review of the events in Novi Pazar, Andjelkovic said that Western centers of power impose a topic that suits them.

He said that the same centers of power are behind the creation “Islamic Caliphate”, which they created and over which they are now losing control.

Sandzak Mufti Muamer Zukorlic on Thursday led about 1,000 people at the event “Quest to Hadzet (Pohod na Hadzet)”, which paid tribute to Bosniaks killed by the communists as collaborators of Nazi’s in World War II.

Participants wore green uniforms, red fezzes and carried flags of the so-called Islamic community and war flags of the Army of BiH.