The United States have recognized the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name, but according to the position of the Ambassador Jess L. Bailey, which he stated to the Committee on Foreign Relations in Washington just before his departure for Skopje, Washington now seems to deny the existence of the Macedonian people, writes “Novosti”.


The state information agency MIA said that it is a new denial of the existence of the Macedonian people, in addition to those of Greece, Bulgaria, as well as the EU. They recalled that the Ambassador of the EU in Skopje, Aivo Orav, several times used the term Slavs and Slavo-Macedonians when he spoke about Macedonians before the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

As reported, the Ambassador Bailey answered a question of the Chairman Senator Chris Murphy at the Committee on Foreign Affairs: “Do you have any knowledge about some recent troubling issues regarding ethnic pressures in relation to the Macedonian ethnic reconciliation which is the key element of the long-term peace in the Balkans? You have Slavic majority and Albanian minority and reports on the growing tensions, Ohrid agreement has also been mentioned.”

Bailey said that the Framework Agremeent on Peace marked the end of the civil conflict and brought active participation of the Albanian minority in the rule of the country, but also that “the structure of Macedonian society, in addition to Slavs and Albanians, includes Turks, Roma and others”. Nowhere to mention the Macedonian people, writes the daily.