BELGRADE – The Pride Parade has passed and left behind a contented LGBT population, as well as Europe, which implicitly set Belgrade Pride as a requirement. Serbia has shown that it can guarantee everyone the right to public assembly, and received praise from the world. In addition to praise, Pride brought us the bill of one million euros for its maintenance and reaffirmed deep divisions in Serbian society, writes Serbian Daily “Novosti”.


According to initial estimates, only police involvement cost around one million euros. In order to keep incidents at minimum, about 1,100 walkers at Pride were protected by about 6,800 police officers, who came from all parts of Serbia. At one gay – seven guards!

The calculation is simple – for a million euros, a cost of gay parade, the state was able to build 41 houses to help families whose homes were destroyed in the floods.

The construction of a family house, with standard materials, costs around 400 euros per square meter. So each house of 60 square meters costs about 25,000 euros.

Also, with one million euros, as Goran Rodic, Vice President of Construction Industry Chamber, told the daily, Serbia was able to help the citizens whose homes were damaged in the floods. At least 250 households could pay painter and final craft works, which are estimated at around 3,500 euros per object. The government could also have used that money to rebuild a school or a day care center and supply them with modern equipment. Or to invest in the repair of water and sewer networks, or repair of damaged roads in rural areas or …

Serbia could have spent million euros for the purchase of 90,000 square meters of parquet or provide 8,000 square meters of windows, 90,000 square meters of ceramic tiles, or 500,000 blocks for the construction of houses …

On the other hand, Pride Parade organizers were pleased that it was successfully organized, and with the way the security was provided.