Seselj Diagnosed With Liver Cancer


BELGRADE – Vice President of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS), Milorad Mircic, said for Tanjug last night that doctors in the detention unit of the ICTY in Scheveningen found that Vojislav Seselj has liver cancer in two places.


He said that Seselj agreed that the information is presented to the public. Mircic announced that SRS will hold a press conference on Sunday in which they will present details about the health of Vojislav Seselj.

Seselj was diagnosed with cancer of the colon seven months ago, after which he underwent a surgery, said Micic.


  1. He should be sent home for medical treatment. He’s been at the Hague for over 13 years and they still haven’t completed his trial or had a conviction. The evidence against him is just not there.

  2. The only reason the trial of Seselj has taken over 13 years is because he has repeatedly and deliberately delayed the trial numerous times using devious tactics. He has done so knowing he would be found guilty in the end. However, he knew he had cancer and hoped to die before the trial ended. In this way, like Milosevic, there would be no verdict of the trial, thus allowing Seselj to take it in the neck for Mother Serbia.