SUBOTICA – Imam Selmo Drekovic of the Muhajir Mosque in Subotica said on Sunday that unknown persons attempted to set fire to the mosque door in Subotica, north of Serbian province of Vojvodina.

Tanjug video screenshot
Tanjug video screenshot

Drekovic said that on Sunday morning around half past four, a mosque door caught fire, but it was extinguished after only a few minutes.

He told reporters that a security camera recorded two perpetrators in action, adding that he has handed the recording over to the police.

Drekovic said that the incident occurred following an incident at the football match between Serbia and Albania, but that the mosque in Subotica was subjected to attacks earlier as well when vandals wrote graffiti on it, which were later removed.

Mayor of Subotica Jene Maglai visited the mosque on Sunday, and condemned the incident in the harshest terms in a statement for reporters. He pointed out that regardless whether this was done by groups of football fans or the motive behind the attack was ethnic intolerance, the perpetrators must be found and punished.

Igor Velimirovic, deputy chief of the police department in Subotica, said that following the investigation carried out by representatives of the High Prosecutor’s Office, the police are working intensively to identify the perpetrators.

After a political provocation at the football match between Serbia and Albania, several attacks on bakeries, one shop and a confectionary store owned by ethnic Albanians occurred in Novi Sad, Vrsac, Sombor, Stara Pazova in Serbia’s northern province of Vojvodina on Wednesday and Thursday.

The match between Serbia and Albania in Belgrade on October 14 was abandoned after a brawl that followed the appearance of a drone with a map depicting the so called Greater Albania, a nationalist project that would include parts of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece.