PRISTINA – Suspended EULEX prosecutor Maria Bamieh said that she will publish information on the mission of the European Union in Kosovo which will shake the EU, reported “Blic” citing “Koha Ditore”.

Maria Bamieh
Maria Bamieh


Bamieh was suspended after “Koha Ditore” published her claims about the corruption of promiment officials of EULEX.

Head of EULEX, Gabriele Meucci, signed the suspension before “Koha Ditore” published the article about the corruption affair.

“So far I haven’t talked to the media about anything, but if I get suspended and if I was threatened, I have the right to confront and publish the information. If they want to turn me into a new Julian Assange, I will act in this way,” Bamieh said.

“Koha Ditore” reported that EULEX tried to stop publication of the article in various ways, and that after submitted questions, the Special Advisor to the Chief of EULEX asked for a meeting and expressed a desire to see the documents in possession of Koha, as the condition to answer to their questions.

“After refusal she said that she can not help us,” writes the daily and mentions threats of prosecution. The daily announced for tomorrow publication of letters of the prosecutor based on eavesdropping.

The prosecutor, according to Koha, gathered concrete material evidence against two senior officials of EULEX and former Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Speical Prosecutor’s Office of Kosovo, Jonathan Ratel.