MOSCOW – Officially Serbia adheres to military neutrality but in practice such policy appears ‘’a bit specific’’ writes Moscow daily Kommersant alluding to recent Serbia’s and Russia’s joint military exercise.


Daily stated that in 2013 Serbia gained an observer status within Collective Rapid Reaction Force (Russian : Коллективные силы оперативного реагирования, КСОР; KSOR ) while in September this year members of Serbian Ministry of Defence participated in a NATO summit.

Kommersant further writes that last week Serbia’s army held biggest military exercise together with Russian parachute regiment – while today Serbia and NATO begin a joint military exercise .

Moscow daily quotes minister of defence Bratislav Gasic who says: ‘’Serbia adheres to neutrality by being open to cooperation ‘’.

“As confirmation to these words from 17th November through to 28th November- not far from Russian- Serbian contingency centre, exercise named Platinum Wolf will be jointly held by Serbian armed forces and NATO,” states Moscow daily Kommersant.