BELGRADE – Compared to September, price of lemon in Serbian supermarkets dropped by 40 percent, and portal investigated why is this so.


Price of lemon in some supermarkets were below 155 dinars per kilogram although until recently it was 450 dinars per kilogram.

Cheaper lemon comes from Turkey, and the declaration says:”Do not use the crust! Lemos treated with imazalil.” The warning is written in very small, barely legible letters, which probably a very few customers can see, writes portal.

Imazalil is a fungicide, which penetrates the whole fruit, and is not contained only on the crust. It is so toxic that it irritates skin and causes watery eyes. It is very stabile even in higher temperatures, acts on the reproductive organs and is a proven carcinogen. In infants and small children, imazalil causes problems in the central nervous system. In adults it acts on the reproductive organs. Average amount is 5.2 mg/kg, so one large lemon is enough to exceed allowed daily limit, writes