KLINA – Director of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) Marko Djuric condemned on Monday the frequent incidents targeting Serbs and their property in the southern Serbian province, including the latest incident that occurred in the village of Drsnik, Klina municipality.


As Djuric pointed out in his statement to reporters, several dozens of serious incidents took place in KiM over the past three weeks.

In the village of Drsnik, Klina municipality, a man working on his land was ambushed and shot at on Sunday, he said.

“We thought that the atmosphere of violence is something that we have left behind years ago and that it would not happen again,“ the director of the government’s Office for KiM said.

He stressed that the biggest responsibility for the safety of Serbs and the future of normalization of relations lies with the holders of political power among Kosovo Albanians.

“We have extended our hand to the Albanians, and we expect them to provide safety to Serbs, which is an indispensable condition”, said Djuric during a visit to Vidanje, a returnee village with the highest number of Serbs in the Klina municipality.