BELGRADE – According to the data published in “World Tobacco Atlas”, Serbia is leading convincingly in the number of cigarettes smoked during the year. A smoker from Serbia consumes 2.861 cigarettes per year. We can abandon the comparison that we are smoking like Turks, because smokers in Turkey smoke two times less, or 1399 cigarettes per year.


Regardless of warning campaigns showing the harmfulness, ubiquity of smoking is still alarming. In Serbia, one third of adult population is smoking, writes “Alo”.

Statistics show that every second man and every third woman smokes. Almost half of teenagers smoked at least one cigarette before they were 16. Every second household has at least one smoking member.

Pulmonologists know the best what is the condition of our lungs. They warn that, yearly, 16,000 people die in Serbia as the result of smoking. Number of deaths caused by smoking is four times higher compared to all other death causes. Smoking is the leading cause of death due to lung cancer, heart attacks and brain hemorrhages, malignant diseases of other organs, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema.

Many would like to quit, some due to stories about harmfulness of tobacco, some because of “extra” money. However, number of smokers who can instantly quit is 3% because cigarettes contain new chemicals that increase addiction and cause strong crisis during an attempt to quit. For instance, ammonia, which has been added in large quantities during the past years, is responsible for development of nicotine addiction which can be compared to heroin addiction.

There is even bigger concern of experts about the environment of the smokers or passive smokers, especially children. Researches indicate that small children in whose families there are smokers, almost certainly become smokers.

Black Statistics

  • Daily cigarette consumption in Serbia is 73 million cigarettes
  • Citizens of Serbia spend 3.4 million of euros daily on cigarettes
  • Every six seconds one person dies out of tobacco
  • Every smoked cigarette shortens life for 15 minutes
  • Lifetime of smokers is 10 to 15 years shorter than of non-smokers
  • Tobacco kills nearly six million people yearly out of which 600.000 are passive smokers
  • In tobacco smoke there more than 4000 substances, of which 250 are known to be dangerous, and more than 50 carcinogenic