Former CIA chief controls most of the media in Serbia – report

American Fund “KKR investment”, headed by former CIA chief General David Petraeus, from October 2013 until this day, in less than a year and a half, has put under its control a significant part of Serbian media, internet portal “Vaseljenska” reported.

DCIA David Petraeus
David Petraeus

Americans first bought SBB, the largest cable television network in Serbia, then became the owner of “Grand production” through which they exercise control over “Prva TV”, then they founded CNN outlet “TV N1”, bought shares of the internet portal of the Serbian daily “Blic”, and more recently, as some sources claim, in the greatest secrecy they bought one Belgrade daily.

The fact is that Americans can, over the largest cable operator “SBB” and their media, control the flow of information in Serbia and are in a position to fully create public opinion in Serbia.

As Internet portal “Vaseljenska” found out, “KKR investment” will in the next few months formally take over control of the daily newspapers in whose operations they have already pumped substantial financial resources.

“Although in this case we could possibly be talking about inappropriate concentration or even monopoly, Americans made the deal on taking over the newspaper. They are, in fact, convinced that no one in the [Serbian] government will be allowed to prohibit purchasing of another media … “, says a source for daily “Informer”.

Coincidentally or not, last year Serbia changed the law on information and enabled an owner to have both the electronic and print media, which had previously been forbidden to ensure media pluralism.

The Ministry of Culture and Information did not want to comment on findings, but only briefly said that “as of February 13 begins registration of a media under the new rules.”

Before he became head of “KKR investment”, David Petraeus was the director of the CIA, from September 2011 to November 2012. Prior to that, he served as a commander of international forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.


  1. I would like USA to explain exactly what their interpretation of the word ‘free’ is on ‘country’s sovereignty’ is, what their interpretation of ‘invasion’ ‘genocide’ ‘friendly fire’ ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – no sorry that is USA. How about ‘propaganda’ ‘regime change’ ‘democracy’ Does USA apply any of these words to anyone other than itself. Because it violates everyone else’s freedom, sovereignty by accusing them of ‘invasion’ ‘genocide’ and ‘weapons of mass destruction’ by using ‘propaganda’ ‘regime change’ and destroying democracy that another country has found to work effectively for itself. USA is a nasty and dispicable country that hawks at its own shadow, because USA is riddled with angst, paranoia, hatred, dysfunctional population, no culture or historical roots – it is not the fault of the rest of the world, and USA has become the greatest threat to world stability because of its actions toward other countries. You cannot solve a problem that does not exist, the world’s history has been borne on human conflict, USA has no idea to handle anyone of these conflicts, which in general have sorted themselves out for the better or worse, over long or shorter periods of time. USA is a young and stupid country, trying to run before it can even crawl, it throws its weight around and flies in like Superman to ‘save the world’ Well sorry USA you are not saving anyone, we in the rest of the world have seen all this before, and we were far better off without your interfering and poisonous nose poking in.

    • The United States is not about democracy, it is about human rights. IF anyone, including elected US officials, government employees and NGOs tell you otherwise, they are wrong and they do not comprehend the US Constitution, to which they swore an oath to uphold.

      When you hear the American people, not elected US officials or government employees, say they want to ‘take back
      America’, they mean taking it back from the 25%ers that have been violating the Constitution since the 1930s, eve3n though they swore and oath to uphold it. The violation of the Second Amendment by a US president in the first half of the 1930s was the beginning of many decades of attack on human rights’ freedom that the Sons of Liberty and the founding fathers created with the will of The People. That’s what America is about, human rights, which is known as the Bill of Rights. Again, I repeat, America is not about democracy. The US Constitution forbids anyone to deny any person of their human rights, which includes defending themselves, family, friends, neighbours and others at home or in public.

      I have watched western Europe, and countries with heads of states that are western European, push the Unit4ed States into becoming anti-Serbs, internationally, and anti-Freedom, domestically. This is so serious of a matter that the world was warned by Alex Jones, in January 2012, that 1776 will commence, again.

      “Twenty-five percenters” are those that did not vote for the American colonists to be a free people; hence, the 75% majority vote needed to make amendments to the US Constitution by every state of the union.

      The world does not know what America is about; such as, yourself with your posting. Western Europe turned the US, UN and NATO into a mercenary. And, that is what the world knows America as- the international mercenary for western Europe.

      America will be free, again.

      Adolf Hitler was democratically elected. Democracy = mob rules. Germany;s intelligence is the source of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ phrase that the Iraqi people had to endure.

      • Many thanks, I have read with great interest, and quite right, no I had no idea what America is all about. It always appears they say one thing and act out another. Your posting has inspired me to look into America much deeper, as apparantly I know precious little of how it works. They give the impression of being so clear cut, like so many sales pitches you have to read the small print, I had no idea where to look, thanks to you I do now. Again, I thank you.

      • Actually, America is only after money and your equity, nothing else. Forget human rights, forget Nagasaki & Hiroshima too as they were very human back when the US had more morals and were a better people than today. You live in a dream world, I kind of wish i was there in some ways?

    • Well, being an American , I totally agree with you. There are a lot of Americans that agree with you and a whole lot more that eat the propaganda that is fed to them and don’t want to think for themselves and don’t want to think their own government is corrupt. They want to keep the lie going. The thing is, that this government doesn’t represent the American people. It has been hijacked from in and it represents foreign interests and the USA is nothing more then the military arm of the Vatican. Heads of our military and intelligence agencies are Roman Catholic and got their degree out of Jesuit Schools such as Georgetown, just like Betray-us. Once we the Vatican and the Jesuits are taken down, then we will see a turn for the better. I know it’s a different pill to swallow but look into it for yourself.

    • Not that surprising if you read the news from the day prior. There is 1300 registered media companies in Serbia. If they are all owned by non-Serbian citizens and the people don’t like the content then the people can subscribe to new companies that tailor to their liking. How many people are thankful for some of the news pieces that AL Jazeer made available to the people that no other media outlet did without controlling the news piece content? There are Americans that are thankful that Fox News is owned by a foreign entity that does not infringe upon the Fox News employees’ freedom of speech.

  2. People are like little children that want to be entertained….they do not realize the price of such “free” entertainment. Taken as a whole, the entire human race has almost run its course. It is just a matter of time before the ecosystem is severely damaged by the waste of humans and will not provide enough nourishment Even those who think so highly of themselves that they can survive anything will perish. How many dinosaurs survived?

    • Love your comment. “The so called “elite” will perish with all their goodies to keep them company. The saying hoes “Death is the great equaliser”

  3. trouble comes to serbia, courtesy of usa. it seems the northern part of your country wants to be part of croatia. god bless serbia

  4. The U.S. congressional military industrial complex is the largest exporter of death the world has yet to see.
    See Operation Paperclip. How many operations such as this are we NOT aware of yet?