PRISTINA – Numbers of the National Institute for public health of Kosovo show an increase in the number of cancer patients in 2014 by nearly 50 percent, writes “Koha Ditore”.


While 1,483 new cases of carcinom were registered in 2013, only in the first half of the last year were registered 1,170 cases.

The numbers were published by the national coordinator for the fight against carcinom in Kosovo Elves Ahmeti, on the occasion of the marking of the World Day of fight against cancer. According to him, breast, cervix, stomach and colon cancer are among the most abundant.

“Data of the National Institute for 2013 talk about 1,483 new cases, but the first half of the last year recorded an alarming increase, because only in the first six months of the last year we have 1,170 new cases,” said Ahmeti.

According to the director of the WHO office in Kosovo Skender Syla, the prognoses regarding the statistics on cancer are not good at the global level.

Connection with depleted uranium?

In May 1999 the United Nations have hidden from the public the report by Bakari Kante, head of the first mission of UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) about the environmental consequences of the bombing of Yugoslavia.

The UN has never published the text, but parts of it leaked to the public thanks to the interviewee of “Vesti”, American independent journalist Robert Parsons, a reporter from the international institutions in Geneva.

The report was categorical in the assessment that the future generations living on the bombarded soil will suffer from cancer, leukemia, the number of miscarriages and deformities of newborns will be increased.