Krajina Serbs to file lawsuit against Croatia for genocide in World War II

Ustasa militia execute prisoners near the Jasenovac concentration camp.

JAGODINA – Krajina Serbs will file a lawsuit against Croatia for genocide in World War II and ethnic cleansing in the 1990s, says former Republic of Serb Krajina Prime Minister Borislav Mikelic.

Ustasa militia execute prisoners near the Jasenovac concentration camp.
Ustasa militia execute prisoners near the Jasenovac concentration camp.

The work of the Serbs of Krajina, Kozara and the Grmec area does not end with the recent verdict by the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the dismissal of the Croatian lawsuit and the Serbian countersuit, Mikelic told Jagodina-based Palma plus television on Sunday.

“For World War II, there is undeniable, crystal-clear evidence that the Independent State of Croatia committed genocide against the Serbs,” Mikelic said, noting that, in World War II, Croatia “killed 70,000 Serbian children in camps.”

Jasenovac was not the only camp where Serbs were killed, as there were 26 such camps, Mikelic said, adding that “there is no statute of limitations for the crime of genocide.”

“In addition to the genocide and ethnic cleansing lawsuits, the Krajina Serbs will also request that their status as a state-building, constitutive nation in Croatia, which they were stripped of by Franjo Tudjman’s Croatian Democratic Community, be restored,” Mikelic said.

He added that 531,000 Serbs and 440,000 Yugoslavs lived in Croatia according to the 1981 census, and that there were 581,000 Serbs and 224,000 Yugoslavs there according to the 1991 census.

“Therefore, 800,000 Serbs lived in Croatia in 1991, accounting for 16 percent of the population, while now the number is reduced to below four percent. The question is where those people are, where those people have gone and who is to blame for that,” Mikelic said.

He stressed that, in the 1990s, Croatia committed the largest ethnic cleansing since World War II, which culminated with “Operation Storm”.

The Serbs must persevere in trying to establish the truth, Mikelic concluded.


  1. For once I would like to read a headline of Serbia doing something positive, inventing a cure or something. his constant need for conflict is going to drive us into the grave people. WW2 was over 60 years ago…let it go and move on. We look like the whiny kids, never happy, never satisfied, always complaining and blaming someone. Come on already lets focus Serbia on positive developments bough already with these invented problems.

  2. Yeah Serbia really has to move on, Krajina Serbs were offered a really good deal for autonomy but rejected that in favour of a greater Serbia.

  3. That is Serbia’s problem. The 30% of Serbs who are always willing to forgive while the enemy never will. The game has begun long ago and the Serbs now can put on the “Checkmate” in this whole NATO game. There will be some serious responses to bare witness before Serbs can truly see what the whole point to the legality really were and how honesty and fairness will not come from a bias and criminal western organisation ever. Hypocrisy is used against it’s own people and families day to day and somehow Serbs were going to participate in this whole political/judicial puppetshow with a straight face? It’s time again for the Serbs to start slinging the sh*t. . . . again, BIG TIME to the hypocrites.