Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin said there was no economic security or security in terms of property in Kosovo, no social policy and no hope that the situation will improve.


Commenting on the fact that, today, seven year have elapsed since Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed independence, Vulin assessed that what people have seen is that several families rule Kosovo, that various clans decide on the fate of the people and that, by going abroad, Kosovo Albanians are making the best statement about what they feel about Kosovo’s unilaterally proclaimed independence.

A state is not created through the mere fact that it has been recognized, but on the basis of economy and the rule of the law and also ability to create a social and political consensus in the area one calls one’s state, says Vulin.

Kosovo still in crisis seven years after declaring independence

Seven years after declaring independence, Kosovo is in a deep economic crisis, extreme poverty, with a high unemployment rate and rampant corruption and crime, the press in Pristina writes.

The Zeri daily writes that Kosovo is marking its seventh birthday with a heavy wound inflicted to it by the fact that its people have been leaving in mass numbers lately. The daily specified that although 108 states have recognized Kosovo, last year, only another four did that and attributes the failuers above all to institutions and also to political party leaders.

A well-known political activist, Adem Demaći, says that Kosovo has regressed a lot in the past seven years, especially in the economic field. There is a group of people in power all the time, he says, assessing that as a big mistake.

Political analysts agree that Kosovo is facing a deep crisis and that the fact that people are leaving, corruption and organized crime are the biggest problems it has been facing.