Eurostat: Citizens of Serbia and Bulgaria most unhappy people in Europe


People in Serbia, along with Bulgarians, are the least happy people in Europe, show results of the most recent research conducted by Eurostat, “Blic” writes.


Of the 32 countries of Europe where the research was conducted, Serbia is second from behind. Worse than Serbia is only Bulgaria, with Hungarians, Greeks and Croats being happier people. The most satisfied people live in Switzerland.

These results were obtained from the issues that had to do with socio-demographic factors as criteria of satisfaction. Respondents declared that the most important factors are health, financial situation, employment, social relations and climate.

The most dissatisfied were given rating from zero to two, and completely satisfied ten.

These results do not surprise psychiatrist Slobodan Jovicic, writes the daily.

“A young man in Serbia has no perspective. He is initially hampered because it is impossible to live in Serbia with a salary of 39,000 dinars (~ $350) and raise a family. Even if he earned 2,000 euros, the only thing he can do is buy ‘quality salami’,” dr. Jovicic told “Blic”.

Sociologist Ratko Bozovic reminds that happy people are those who are free.

“Happy people are those who have control over their lives, who are capable to achieve their wishes. In Serbia this is non-existant. Happiness and satisfaction are reflected in fulfillment, bliss, harmony. These do not exist in Serbia,” said Bozovic.


  1. I Totally Disagree! As I have traveled and do business in most of Europe, Serbs are the BEST! They are to the warmest, hospitable, pleasant nation anywhere as they have always been. The Swiss are little more than slaves to $ if you consider that Happy??? What a BIAS review.

    • All or most of the young people in Serbia want to leave Serbia. Why do you think there are 6 million Serbs in diaspora. Serbs are gonna assimilate no matter where they are – sooner or later. As for Serbia – Serbia is gonna die out sooner or later. Serbia has around 200-300k abortions annually, its birth rates are 9 (per 1000 individuals) are one of the lowest in the world. There is saying: those who are smart they already took off. The only thing that would save the country is introduce some new blood- possibly bring some million or 2 Slavs(or more) from other Slavic tribe to help the cause. Otherwise Serbia as a country is beautiful but its on the verge of dying. Sad but true.