WASHINGTON – Ukrainian soldiers need training similar to the one that increased combat capability of Croatian soldiers in the war in the former Yugoslavia, said retired US Army General Wesley Clark.


“We train the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the battalion level. Ukrainians have proved to be good warriors on the field, but I would like to see training in other levels – for example, trainig of the command and staff,” said Clark, former commander of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Europe, quoted by Sputnik agency.

He cited an example of training of Croatian army before the beginning of the operation “Storm”, during which, in August 1995, between 200,000 and 250,000 Serbs were exiled from the Republic of Srpska Krajina, and 742 soldiers and 1,196 civilians killed.

Putin is like Slobodan Milosevic

Clark, at a lecture held in Washington, added that the situation in Ukraine very much resembles of the situation in the Balkans.

“The conflict in Ukraine is artificially created in the same way as the conflict in the Balkans was. Slobodan Milosevic had argued long time that he has no control over Bosnian Serbs. Putin in the same way argues that he has no influence on the rebels in Ukraine. And it is not just a way of creating conflict in the Balkans and Ukraine, but the same thing happened in 1939 in eastern Poland, after signing of the agreement of SSSR and Nazi Germany, so-called “Molotov-Ribentrop” agreement. Events in Crimea and Donbas remiscent of what happened 70 years ago,” said Clark.

Retired US general claims that rebels in eastern Ukraine are preparing a spring offensive and would launch an attack immediately after Easter.

“Preparations are underway, and the offensive will begin between the Orthodox Easter, which is the 12th of April, and the Day of victory in Europe on May 9th. That is why Obama administration should do two things – share intelligence information on the offensive with Kiev and send them assistance, which will include lethal weapons,” he said.