NOVI SAD – Slavica Mehic, wife of the late military pilot, Major Omer Mehic, is disappointed with the report on the causes of the helicopter crash. She can not believe that the crew of military aircraft is responsible for the helicopter crash on March 13.


“If they had found alcohol in the body of my husband, why haven’t they announced it immediately after the autopsy, which was completed on the second day after the accident?” asks Slavica and adds “Another thing, Omer did not drink, he lived a strict, military life.”

This regime, continues Slavica, meant that he had to keep an eye on nutrition, what and how much to eat, to take regular walks every day, which he adhered to.

“The eldest son, volleyball player, after returning from the competition in Turkey on March 4, bringed his father a gift – two cans of beer. Both of them remained untouched,” major’s wife said.

“They stood in the apartment nine days, Omer had not even looked at them,” Slavica added.

Photo: Novosti
Photo: Novosti

Recurring Omar’s words spoken in some circumstances, Slavica said: “Dead men tell no tales.”

“Nobody from the army has officially said anything to us,” continues the major’s wife.

Acquaintances and friends of Omer Mehic, one of the best pilots of the Army of Serbia, do not hide that they are disappointed by the report on the causes of the fall of the aircraft.

“He was not drinking even when we forced him to drink on some occasions, at least one glass,” one of the Omer’s friends said. “I really can not believe what is stated in the report. How could they measure the amount of alcohol in urine when Omer did not drink?”

How much Omer was dedicated to work is evidenced by the fact that last year he was not even on vacation.

“He trained the young pilots,” says Major’s wife. “He prepared them to succeed him.”