BELGRADE – Two young men of Serbian nationality have been wounded in a shootout in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, deputy regional director of the Kosovo Police Besim Hoti said Monday.


The incident occurred in front of a bar in Mitrovica north one hour after midnight on Sunday. The police are looking for a person assumed to have used a firearm and to have wounded the two young men, Hoti told Tanjug.

“We still do not know what could have been motives for the attack, and the bar in front of which the shootout took place had about 70 guests (at the time of the incident),” said Hoti.

The orthopedist on duty in the north Mitrovica hospital doctor Ljubomir Jaksic said that the two young men, 26 and 24 years of age, had suffered gunshot wounds and had been taken care of at the orthopedics department.

The series of incidents in Kosovska Mitrovica started on April 9, when several people from the ethnic Albanian southern part of the city attacked three Serb young men on the main bridge over the Ibar Ribar. During the incident underage Nikola Saveljic (17) was stabbed in the back, and those responsible have not been identified yet.

A day later five people – three Albanians and two Bosniaks -were injured in three separate incidents in Mitrovica.
After that, a 17-year-old Albanian disappeared during the night on April 11, and two Serbs have been placed in custody in connection with that incident the following day.