PRISTINA – There is “someone” who very clearly expresses his interest in crimes against Serbian people in Kosovo, said deputy president of European Parliament, Ulrike Lunacek, commenting the statements by the director of Kosovo Office in the Serbian government, Marko Djuric.


A few days ago, Lunacek stated that Serbia must annul the arrest warrant against Kosovo Foreign Minister, Hashim Thaci, while Djuric replied that “someone must show interest about the crimes against Serbian citizens of Kosovo”, reports.

“As Mr. Djuric knows, a special unit revealed powerful evidence against a number of high ranking officials of KLA, but not against KLA in general”, said Lunacek.

“Therefore, me and the current report of EP on Kosovo want to emphasize that the formation and functioning of the Special Court for war crimes must be a priority for Kosovo’s government”, added the Kosovo rapporteur to EP.